Doesn’t get more FALL than this

October 12, 2020

This weekend has been absolute perfect and very fall-ish:) And today it really feels like fall since it’s raining outside and the temperatures dropped a bit. Because it is Columbus Day today (or Indigenous People’s Day), J is only working a half day. We wanted to do something fun with Thor today as well but ya, the weather isn’t exactly puppy-adventure-friendly (Thor doesn’t like the rain). We’ll see what we do, maybe watch Halloween movies and sip apple cider. 

So, this weekend:
On Saturday we drove to North Salem, NY, for a hike at Mountain Lakes Park. We’ve been there a few times before, I really like this park. We started by going up the mountain first, look at the pretty view and then hike in the forest. We barely met anyone during our 1.5 hour hike; a few bikers passed us and we saw a camouflaged  hunter with a crossbow, and that’s about it. Lots of trees were down and the trails where covered in leaves, if they hadn’t put up the markers on the trees we could have easily lost the trails. At one point we branched off to go find a different trail that led to one of the ponds. J had to carry T since we didn’t know what we were stepping on. The pond was so calm and some trees had changed colors, it looked like a painting. 

Our hike was so lovely, very quiet and peaceful. We could not have picked a better day or time of day to go hiking. 

On our way home we bough coffees and donuts and then just enjoyed the day together. At night we played Yahtzee and for once Jim won the first two rounds, but then I won with epic numbers on the third 🙂 Then it was time to watch Svengoolie and some tarantula movie. I always have a hard time watching these old movies from the 40s-60s, they usually involve animals and they aren’t treated that well in the movies and we all know that they weren’t exactly treating them very nicely behind the scenes back then either. It breaks my heart. 

On Sunday we got up early again. We drove to Easton, CT, and to Silverman’s Farm. I have been searching for pumpkin/apple farms that allows dogs. I found one but then I saw that because of covid we needed to purchase tickets and every weekend was sold out (we also didn’t want to pay). Then J told me that one of the dogs here in Stamford that we know through instagram had posted that they went to this Silverman’s, so we decided to check it out. 
We came an hour after they had opened and there were already plenty of people but still ok for us to visit. We had a great time. There were so many different kinds of pumpkins, some bigger than Thor haha. We didn’t actually buy any pumpkins though, we are not planning on carving this year. Would have been nice maybe to get some for cooking but eh. We got ourselves some yummy treats though. 
It was fun and I think Thor enjoyed it (oh the things we do for our fur babies hahah). We left the farm after 25 minutes and the parking was now full. My friend that I invited to join us couldn’t go in the morning like we wanted to, so they had gone they day before after noon and it was like an ant city she said, they had turned around and gone somewhere else. Now when they say that the virus is air born and can spread pretty far, we don’t want to put ourselves in crowded situations, so we knew we had to go early. Our experience at the farm was great. The picking (blueberries, apples, peaches etc) was over for the season but with a dog it would have pretty hard to enjoy that anyway, so this was perfect.

If we hadn’t gone to the store just a few days before we would have got more veggies and fruit at the farm
I had to google why it’s called cider.. In Europe we think of fizzy drinks or drinks with alcohol when we hear the word cider, but here in America that’s called “hard cider” and this type of cider is basically just juice. 
The pie is amazing!

We were so tired for some reason during the rest of the day that we ended up doing absolute nothing. In the evening we watched some newer horror movie that at first seemed promising but then was just annoying, just like all the other so called horror movies. Why can’t anyone make a good scary movie these days? If you know any good movies, please comment on this post, I have yet to find something good. 

Our weekend was amazing, we could not have picked a better weekend to go on adventures with Thor. And if this is our actual last fall up north then I think we have nailed the fall activities by now hahah. 

I hope y’all had an amazing weekend as well and that you got to enjoy the outdoors.
Have an awesome week!

Zofnass park

August 17, 2020 

I did not want to get out of bed this morning🥴 Thor was all snuggled up against my body, hubby sleeping next to me and I could barely open my eyes. I could easily have slept for another hour, but I knew if I just got up without thinking about it I would feel so much better. I put on sweatpants and a sweater and walked out to the living room. I did a guided 20 minute kundalini yoga practice and then directly took a shower. By this time the boys had gone out of bed and the day had officially started. I was still a bit tired but way more awake than if I had skipped my practice. 

On Saturday we had a bit of colder temperatures outside in the morning, so we decided to bring Thor to a park that we haven’t been to before, Zofnass Family Preserve, Westchester, NY. We were the only ones in the entire forest which was kinda nice (and quiet). Thor took charge and was leading the way hahah. For being such a small little guy he can really walk far and he seems to love hiking as much as we do. We have to carry him at some places of course, like up bigger rocks, but then when the ground looks better he immediately wants to go down and walk by himself, it’s like he knows, so cute. We ended up walking back after about half of the trail cause the sun was coming up and Thor started to look tired, but it was still about 3 miles which was a perfect start of the weekend. We bought coffees on our way home.
In the afternoon, we were on the terrace, J was working out with the weights we have and I did yoga. It got pretty windy up there after awhile so I ended up moving my practice inside.
Yesterday, after morning coffee, I ran around cleaning and organizing the apartment (as always hahah) even though I said to J that I didn’t want to clean, but I had so much energy and I was motivated to declutter our home. When there’s stuff everywhere it is hard to feel at peace so I constantly move things around or walk around trying to find stuff to get rid of. I can’t wait to move so I can get furniture that makes sense and closed cabinets instead of open shelves. But for now, it is what it is:) 

We could’t spray Thor with mosquito spray of course (deet is toxic to dogs),
but we used spray on ourselves and also put on these mosquito-repellent wristbands

I wish I had this on our adventurous vacations, like on Kauai, so handy
It’s a waterproof reflective Fanny pack, fits my phone and keys,

perfect for hikes or just to take Thor out for a walk

hot air BALLOON

October 21, 2019

My husbands surprise was to explore the world in a HOT AIR BALLOON! We had such a wonderful Saturday morning, the best surprise! Perfect day for this kind of adventure, he could not have picked a better day, we were so lucky with the weather (it rained yesterday). 

I woke up from a dream around 3 am and could not fall back to sleep, so I was pretty tired, but my excitement over my surprise helped me stay awake:) The alarm went off at 4:30, I jumped into the shower, got ready, Jim took Thor out and then showered. We were out the door at 5:15. It took us about 1 hour 15 minutes to drive to location (somewhere near the Hudson Valley, New York). It was so dark outside, we realized that we are not used to drive in the dark like that. We got to this big field. Some young guy had parked there and he came up to our car asking if we were excited…well…I still didn’t know what we were going to do. More cars pulled up, we stayed warm inside the car. I kept looking out my window at the big field an the sunrise. And then after awhile I looked out J’s side and wow, there was a huge balloon being blown up next to us, hahaha. I kinda figured it was that but since J had told me to not bring a camera I wasn’t sure.

Three older couples were the first group to go up while we had to stay on ground. This balloon company goes up twice a day on weekends when weather allows. The young guy (the assistant) said that it’s better to be the second group to go up and I agree. Not only had the sun come up then and you can see all the colorful trees, but we got to see the balloon go up, chase it around, help the first group to get out and jump in, and then see them pack it all up in the end. The full experience:)

The first group was up for about an hour and we were in the young guys car driving to areas that we saw the balloon. The balloon pilot sent a location pin and we drove there. They had landed in some industrial area (the pilot has no control over where the balloon will take you, just up or down, so they end up in peoples backyards all the time). We had to help the balloon stay down in order for the first group to climb out, and then we started to climb in while the other group tried to hold  us down, but the balloon kinda started to take off a bit too early and we ended up flying right into the barn we were next to (J said that a shingle of the house had come off..oops). And then quite quickly we were up in the air pretty high. 1200 feet start off with. 

Wow! This was amazing! Going up and down over the fields and over big houses and barns. At one point we went up to 1500 feet and we could actually see top of the buildings on Manhattan. So peaceful. Quiet. I filmed and took pictures of course, but I also made sure to just enjoy the view and feel the fresh air. 

In the end the basket was touching trees and then whoops, we went right through a tree hahaha. And then came the landing. We all bent our knees and held on. We hit the ground, up again, bounce. The second bounce I hit my knee in the basket so hard I thought I broke my leg but once we were out standing on ground it wasn’t that bad. Getting out was an adventure itself haha. The men in our group got out and tried to first move the balloon to a better place and then hold it in order for us to get out, but we ended up tipping over. I was in the tipping top (J and I was in the “back”) and I had to just hold on hahah, pretty funny view I’m told but J wasn’t fast enough to take a picture. 
They fold everything up, put it on the wagon behind the car and we drove off. We drove by the farmer who owned the land and he did not look happy that we had been trespassing. The pilot and the assistant had a few stories of when they have been landing on questionable places, for example where they have had a shotgun in their face and been told to get out of their land. But, that’s America for ya 😛
We were about 20 minutes away from where our cars were parked. We said goodbye and then J and I drove to a diner for breakfast. It was about 10am at this point so we were really hungry. Then 1.5 hour drive back home. The lobby people had been watching Thor so we went to pick him up and then all three of us snuggled ourselves under blankets in bed and took a two hour nap. We were so tired! 

What beautiful day! And what an experience! I really have the best husband♥

Sleepy Hollow & Tarrytown

September 30, 2019

We had the most awesome weekend! I feel recharged and motivated! 
We arrived in Sleepy Hollow around 11:30 am yesterday. We had decided to go explore the Rockwood Hall State Park becuase it’s right by the Hudson River. So nice to go for a walk and enjoy a park where there isn’t a billion people. So beautiful out there. There is another bigger park somewhat nearby but this park was right by the water and gave us a nice view. 

Yield to the Headless Horse

I would have liked to stop and visit the cemetery from the story but since we had a nervous little guy in the car we didn’t want to stop too many times and be tourists. We drove by though, so I did see it. So after the Rockwood Hall we parked in the city of Sleepy Hollow, walked through and to a bar but it didn’t seem too dog friendly, so we walked back to the car to drive to a place in Tarrytown that J had looked up before, Horsefeathers, where we could sit with Thor outside. We both ordered burgers cause the waitress said that’s what they are known for. It was really good! T behaved better than normal, only a few barks once the food came. 
After lunch we drove down to walk on the Scenic Hudson River Walk. It was very windy there and lots of people. Nice to be by the water but I prefer the Rockwood park. 
We decided to drive into town and go to a coffee shop, Coffee Labs Roasters Inc, that I knew would accept Thor inside(it’s very rare that places accept dogs, at least here in America). This place was not only dog friendly, they also seem to take coffee really seriously. I ordered a latte with extra espresso and I got a teddy bear:) I enjoy latte art, I never really had time to practice that when I worked as a barista (I have worked at two very busy cafes) so I always created hearts for my customers or tried to make leaves that always ended up looking more like blobs haha. 

Back home, T fell asleep on the couch in two seconds and J was watching the Bears game next to him. I was playing computer games for awhile. In the evening I rolled out my yoga mat in the bedroom. A little bit of gentle yoga and meditation felt nice after a long and active day. I looked at my phone this morning, it says we walked 7 miles yesterday, I am really impressed by our little 8 lbs fluff, I wonder if his legs are sore today.

Thor was being silly while we waited for our coffees at the cafe 😀