Throwback; Disney World

Last year, Sept 30 – Oct 4, my dream of going to Disney World came true. It meant so much to me and even if it’s a year later, I can still not believe that I, Fanny, a small town girl from Sweden, got to experience this. Might not seem like a big deal to anyone else, but it is to me.

A lot that I was dreaming of as a kid was things that I could see myself be doing or visiting in the future, I just needed to become a grownup:) Big Dreams that I knew could come true if I just believed and worked hard enough. Like, I was dreaming that some day I would get to swim in a pool surrounded by palm trees. Yes, that was a big dream of mine, cause I had friends who went on vacations in other countries who sent me pretty postcards and when they came home they told me about the pools and beaches they had been to, and I was jealous. So I started to picture myself being a grownup who got to spend my life by palm trees…teaching artists like Madonna to dance (yup, I had one of those dreams). 

But then some things on my list, like going to Disney World, were things that I really thought would be impossible. Ya, impossible. I don’t think I knew where it was, but I knew it was far away and back then people didn’t travel as we do now. To travel didn’t seem impossible, cause I had relatives in several different countries, but to visit Disney seemed like an expensive dream plus far away. I am so grateful that I got to experience this. I can’t thank my husband enough. This dream may not seem like a big deal to anyone else, especially not to some Americans who gets to visit it several times growing up, some kids even go every year. To them it’s probably just another amusement park. It’s not just another amusement park to me, it was an impossible dream. 

Check out Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom

Disney World, Animal Kingdom

The third park we visited on our Disney World trip was Animal Kingdom. I really liked this park. You walk around different parts of the world and you see and meet beautiful animals. 

When we stood in line for the Kilimanjaro Safari, the guy who was there to direct people where to go for getting on the truck, saw that I had a camera and told us that the best seats are in the very back and placed us there. Thanks:) Even if I love to take pictures, I still wanted to be respectful to the animals plus I wanted to actually see them and not look through a camera lens the whole time. I liked it. It was a cute ride. 

The Lion King performance was cool, I wouldn’t mind being a performer in it myself:) It’s tough to be a bug was of course fun with all the effect they had, like when it felt like bugs were crawling under your butt, haha. 

Our favorite ride was Expedition Everest. We went three times:) For some reason there were short lines in the afternoon. So much fun! J booked us on the Kali River Rapids ride and I wasn’t too excited about that. I don’t care if I get wet and ruins my hair or something, but I don’t like to walk around with wet clothes cause I get cold very easily (and wearing a poncho is just retarded, then you shouldn’t go on that ride). But J was excited so I told myself it will be fun. Of course all the splashy stuff came on me, and me only. I was soaked! Oh well, it was fun:)

It was so nice to walk around in this park. In the afternoon we basically just walked between the countries and enjoyed each others company. We also walked over to the kids rides. We played a few games and won over all the little kids. Maybe not so nice, but we are both very competitive hahah. We won two stuffed toys and I suggested that we should give them away to some kids, but J wanted to keep them hahah. So we had a lot of toys brought back to New York:) 

So, it’s been taking me a little while to post about this park. There are so many who are against zoo’s or animals kept locked in etc. So I have read multiple articles (I tried to find the most recent ones) specifically about Disney World’s animals and try to make up my mind about things and find answers to questions. How are they treated? What does animal rights people say about this park? Should I feel guilty about that I enjoyed this park?
It seems like the animals are well taken care of. I got that feeling when I was there and after reading about it as well, that might be and hopefully is the case. Disney World has very high standards and high qualifications, I read. I’d like to think that some of these animals probably has a better life at the Disney parks than in the wild. They get fed, they have veterinary on sight and humans who care for their well being 24/7. I read somewhere that the animals comes first, so sometimes they make the decision to close off parts for the visitors, which I think is great.

This is a sensitive subject and I don’t know where to stand on this. When we were in Mexico, 2014, we went swimming with dolphins. They claimed that this specific place was one of the best and takes good care of the dolphins, but who knows, and is it really ok? I don’t know, and even if I enjoyed it, I can’t say I fully stand by it. I would much rather see them in the wild. I do not support the old circus’s and elephant riding should def be forbidden, just saying. But regarding Animal Kingdom at Disney World, well, from my own experience and from what I’ve read, I think it’s probably ok. And that’s how I’m gonna leave it.
If you have any valuable information or thoughts on this, please share, I like to hear your opinion or see some facts. 

Disney World, Hollywood Studios

Our second park to visit at Disney World was Hollywood Studios. Not as much Disney feel to it like Magic Kingdom, of course, but we had a lot of fun! Movies are always fun:) I had completely forgot that Disney bought Star Wars so I was a bit shocked at first of how much there were in the park with this. Everybody seemed super excited about Star Wars, but I was more excited about the movie ride with things from good movies.

Tony and Jaimie had to leave after half the day, but J and I stayed longer to explore more. For ex. we went back to the Rock & Roller coaster and the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror a second ride. One thing that I would have loved to explore was the Walt Disney One Man’s Dream, which I think is more of a museum of the Disney’s history. But when we walked by it in the park, I had forgot the name of it and didn’t realize that’s what we walked by. A little bummed but whatever. Everything else was awesome. 

Disney World, Magic Kingdom

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Finally, here are some picture from our trip to Disney World and the Magic Kingdom on October 1st. 

This really was a DREAM COME TRUE for me! Holy moly I was excited! There was so much to take in. I wanted to explore everything possible. 

We came there when they opened the doors at 8am. I could barely breath because I was so excited! The guys had booked us on some rides that we had to somewhat keep the time at so to be honest it felt like we just walked around to find the rides, but I didn’t mind, I had a blast:) I had searched online before the trip on what we should do and see there, but some things that I mentioned was actually closed for construction, so, I just completely left the map/schedule/everything else to the guys. Along all the walking, I kept taking off from the other three to go look at something or take a picture. I’m pretty fast and I know how to make myself small in crowds, so the others sometimes didn’t even noticed that I had disappeared for awhile, haha. 

We went on the Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin rides. Both were really fun but honestly not too special. Our third thing we booked was the Monsters Inc Laughing Floor. I looove that movie and I was excited:) And we actually got picked on from “Mike”, hahaha. 

The only request I had for the day was that we would be there when they open and stay til they close. But in the afternoon, the others where pretty tired (I wasn’t, I don’t get tired when I’m excited) and they somehow convinced me that it could be good to go back to the hotel for a few hours and then go back for the famous fireworks. After those few hours, a massive thunderstorm came over us. The fireworks was canceled so in a way it was good that we had left, but I’m sad that I didn’t get those few hours, but whatever, I got to see everything. Plus, we were busy with other things that night. 

Tony wanted to propose that night and I was going to be the photographer (that was part of our trip from before we even booked it). Because of the weather, he ended up proposing in the hotel arcade. Jim was running around getting free stuff (Thank you Disney World!) to send over to their room and I was pretending to play with my camera when all of a sudden Tony was down on one knee and Jamie was in shock. So sweet! I got a few good pictures for them.

So our Disney Magic Kingdom day was awesome!!

We’re back from Florida

waltdisney-mickey-2016 magickingdom-45years-2016

I am so happy that we came back to New York on Tuesday. Hurricane Matthew is about to hit and evacuation is in full speed down there. We had some thunderstorms almost every day there, but they didn’t last very long and it seems to be normal there. But I definitely do not want to be there now. Guess if we feel lucky?

Anyway… Our trip to Orlando and Disney World was awesome! My dream came true! I had so much fun and I can’t describe how happy I am that I got to go there. Americans doesn’t seem to think this is a big deal cause some families go there every year, but for me who grew up in a small town in Sweden, this was a dream that I, as a kid, didn’t think would be possible. I was excited about everything!