Lily and I are in SWEDEN

July 22, 2022

After 2.5 years, I’m back on Swedish grounds. Last time I was here was in January 2020 when my niece was born, she was only a few days old. Since then we’ve been through a pandemic, I did my last months of the partial molar shitshow, we lived in isolation through a full term pregnancy, we experienced newborn life alone, moved from the north to the south into a house where we’ve had plenty of work done, we’ve seen very few people and done very few things while waiting for the world to look better. Now finally Lily and I traveled to Sweden so that she can meet my side of the family.

4 airports, 3 planes and 2 car rides later, my 1 year old finally met her grandparents that she has only met through video calls a handful of times before. After 20 hours of traveling, we stepped into my parents house in Sweden. Lily was an absolute dream during our trip, couldn’t have wished for a better experience. Neither of us slept much though, Lily only slept for 1-2 hours at a time and I only slept for a couple minutes here and there. After 32 hours I finally fell asleep, Lily slept for 13 hours her first night.

I was hoping for slow days in the beginning so that baby girl and I could settle in and get used to the time difference (7 hours), but we’ve been kinda busy and I’m exhausted hahah. But it’s ok, Lily seems to have adjusted pretty well here and seems comfortable and that’s all that matters to me. I’m still not able to leave her for more than like 30 seconds (except for when she’s sleeping) which makes things a little tricky at times, but she is sleeping at night and has some good naps here and there so I’m overall very happy.

All of us has however ended up with a cold, it’s a real sniffle fest. I was prepared for this to happen, you can only wipe and sanitize surfaces so much and toddlers like to explore so of course there’s a chance that we have caught something on the planes or airports. Or maybe not, maybe we got something from the grocery store here or my niece or sister was already carrying something, you never know, it’s just life. It doesn’t seem to be covid at least which I was nervous about before our trip (my mom had to take two tests this week and both were negative, and I don’t feel bad enough to even take a test), just sniffle sniffle.

We’ve been here for 1.5 week already and we still haven’t gone to the beach. I would have liked to go last weekend but this town had a car event called “Wings and Wheels”, it’s like the biggest two days of the year here. I’ve never gone before and wasn’t interested in going this time either cause I don’t care about cars and I don’t like people:) I happily prioritized my baby’s sleep and stayed home. This event takes over the whole city so to go to the beach was just out of question. And this week we had to wait for a builder to come finish my parents new kitchen plus my mom was home from work a couple of days and on top of that it’s been a heat wave so beaches has been packed, so I haven’t stressed about going, hoping to go maybe on Sunday. It’s not far, maybe 30 min walk or 5 min drive down, just need to time it right (baby’s naps and the sun haha). But my sister and her daughter came over on Tuesday and we went for a walk to a park not far from here, it’s right next door to my old school. They have always had some farm animals here and now it looks a thousand times better, it’s really cute. Lily slept in the stroller while we walked around so we have to go back a different day so that she can see the pigs, goats and chickens. We continued our walk across the river and went to feed ducks. Lily woke up and both girls seemed to have fun. I don’t think Lily really knew what we were doing or understood that it was ducks (which is like her favorite animal) cause they were not yellow like her toys or pictures in her books. But it was a cute experience.

The two girls are so cute together. There’s some jealousy here and there regarding toys and whatnot, they don’t know how to share things yet and Mila doesn’t always remember that Lily is younger and that she doesn’t understand everything, but overall they are good around each other. The very first moment they met they first waved and then gave each other a hug, it was the freaking cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

I’m sure Lily will wake up any minute now so I have to stop writing here. I hope to update more about our Swedish journey later


Our ending of the old & beginning of the New Year

January 4, 2021

Hello 2021! It feels so nice to welcome you and leave 2020 behind. 

Hope you all had a wonderful start of this new year! Did you do anything special to celebrate the ending of last year? 

On Tuesday the 29th I practiced some asana and then did a meditation during the sunset. The full moon was lighting up our apartment and I decided to pull a few tarot cards like I always do on full moon nights or when about to enter a new month. For the first one I asked about 2021 and I got “Blossoming” which sounds pretty nice to me considering I’m carrying a child that is due this spring:) 

On New Years Eve I was so tired I could barely sit up cause I had been sleeping poorly that night. So I got basically nothing done and then took a nap in the afternoon (oh pregnant life haha). J was working til 4. For dinner that night we decided to order food from Luckys. I popped a bottle of sparkling apple cider. I’m not a big fan of that and not much for regular sodas either, they are too sweet (says the person who can eat a whole bowl of candy in one go), but that was the most exciting non alcoholic drink I could come up with for the night. 
We watched “Dinner for One” like always through youtube. It’s on Swedish national TV every New Years and I just love it, it’s too funny! 
We pretty much sat on the couch all night watching the Time Square celebration thing. Then 10, 9, 8….2, 1 – Happy New Year! We stayed up for a couple of hours after that and slept in for a bit the next day.

I started the first day with a shower imagining washing off the past year to welcome the new one. We had breakfast and I facetimed with my mom. Normally, to me, January 1st means to do absolute nothing all day, just watch movies and eat crap. But I was so motivated to start this new year that I didn’t rest much. We went to a store to return something and then went to the grocery store to buy several bags of chips cause I guess we couldn’t really decide what we wanted haha. And when we came home I took down Christmas. Ya, that’s right, I took it down, it was up for a month and that’s enough. I left the garland and the lights on the stairs though since I kinda just put that up and it’s nice light these dark days. Thought J would help me take down the tree but once he was done with playing games on his pc I had taken everything down by myself (ain’t nobody got time to waste).
In the evening we did watch a movie and eat chips. We watched the Disney Pixar “Soul“, it was really good. I’m a big fan of the “Inside Out” movie cause I think that’s an awesome movie for kids and this Soul movie was of the same quality. 

Saturday and Sunday had a good mix of me being really productive at home, building a house on sims and watching movies. It’s called balance, hahah. 

Did not sleep that well last night cause J snored louder than a monster truck, the neighbors were screaming bad words to each other while slamming doors and the mystery ghost train outside was honking non stop. Every time it finally got quiet for a few minutes the baby started practicing gymnastic routines on my bladder and I also got really hungry. But oh well. Dragged myself up at 7am, took a shower and had a pretty productive day. I love this motivated feeling, I hope it sticks:)

I went for a cold but lovely walk around the “cute street” on the 29th Once I came back home I had calm morning with a kicking baby
(she/he kicked non-stop for 24 hours during full moon) Thor got a haircut on the 30th. Just a trim. He was soft like silk.
He seems to have got some of his black color back which is great!
Cheers! At least I tried to make it look nice:)
If you haven’t seen this, then youtube itJanuary 2nd, bumpie is getting really big now


December 28, 2010-2020

IT’S BEEN TEN YEARS SINCE I CAME TO AMERICA!! I can’t even believe I’m writing this. It doesn’t feel that long, and at the same time it feels like I’ve always lived here. 10 years, it sounds crazy (and it sounds like I’m old haha). I’ve been through so much these years. I found the love of my life, got married, became a pommy mommy, I have visited 16 US states and tons of cities, traveled to several countries with hubby, I’ve danced thousands of hours, I have had plenty of ups and downs, I’ve met a lot of new people, I have lived in six apartments and now I’m pregnant with our rainbow baby. It’s been ten very interesting and lovely years. 

Happy Anniversary to me and America 😀

Here’s random pictures in a random order from adventures I’ve been on in different places in America throughout the years. 

Our 2020 Christmas

December 27, 2020

Hope ya’ll had a fantastic Christmas! This year looked different for most, some might have been alone, others might have celebrated outside with loved ones, some had to work long shifts at the hospitals and others enjoyed the company of others through facetime. My husband and I are used to celebrate the holidays just the two of us and Thor, so it wasn’t very different for us this year. 

I have to say, we had a perfect Christmas celebration this year. 

On the evening of the 23rd, I made myself an awesome Irish coffee (non-alcoholic) and we watched the animated version of The Grinch. Surprisingly better than I thought. 

Jim was working half of Christmas Eve (here in America it was just a regular Thursday) while I was baking saffron buns for what felt like hours and prepping some of the food for our “julbord” (Swedish Christmas table) before a quick facetime with my parents. At 3pm we had to say goodbye so that I could start “Kalle Ankas Jul” (the disney Donald Duck Christmas thing we watch every year) that I have on a dvd. After 4pm I prepared the rest of the food and J put a ham in the oven. And then time to eat:) My beets salad and the potato gratin didn’t turn out that great this year, but oh well, everything else was tasty.
At night we were so tired after all the food that we didn’t do much. We opened the gifts from J’s mom and Jim also gave me a gift (even though we had said no gifts). A new camera! The filming on my big camera hasn’t worked that well for awhile, but with this new one I can film our new family member:) We played a few games of Jackbox and then went to bed.
All night we had a massive storm (quite warm outside so no snow, just rain and powerful wind). The crazy wind kept me awake part of the night. In the morning we found trees that had been knocked down. 

The buns on the oven paper got burnt on the bottom so sadly didn’t taste good. The other ones turned out as one instead of 21 hahah, but they were probably the best saffron buns I’ve ever made, yum!
I’m normally not much for hot cocoa but there aren’t many warm drinks to enjoy, especially when you’re pregnant, so sometimes I do make myself a cup:) We haven’t made meatballs since we got food poisoning on Christmas 2014. We had veggie balls this year.
Thor snoozing with his present from his grandma

Christmas Day started with giving Thor his xmas gift. And then I made a nice breakfast with leftover ham. Since we had done most of the Christmas work the day before we had nothing other than facetiming to do. We talked to my sister and Mila for a little while, then we facetimed with J’s mom and stepdad. Then at lunch we “hung out” with my parents. We called J’s grandma when we cooked dinner (cornish game hens) and later called his aunt. In between we didn’t do much, just relaxed. At night we listened to music and then watched the end of the original Grinch movie that was on TV. 

22 weeks + 1 day. Tummy is biiiig now, I can only imagine how it’ll look at the end
This looks both amazing and disgusting at the same time.
I often go for vegetarian options but I do also eat meat, fish and poultry at times.
When it comes as a whole animal like this it’s a bit harder though, but it was delicious. 

The next day, the 26th, we ate leftovers and more leftovers, worked out for a little bit and then just watched crap on TV, pretty easy. 

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas (or Hanukkah or whatever you’ve been celebrating)! I hope you and your families are healthy. We know a few people who have got the vaccine already and hopefully the world can go back to “normal” soon.
Stay safe and Happy New Year!

Does it feel like Christmas yet?

December 23, 2020

Are you feeling festive yet? Does it feel like Christmas yet? 
I have tried to get myself and our home feel more Christmas’y over the past week, but nah, today it just feels like a regular fall Wednesday. But I’ve tried at least haha. 
This year I didn’t really feel like putting any decorations out, I even said no to putting the tree up at first but then decided that ok, why not. But nothing else. This year is so weird anyways plus I want to clean out things for when the baby comes, not add more crap to look at for a few weeks, hahah. Then last week I decided to put up the green garland and the lights on the stairs like I’ve done the past couple holidays, cause who knows, what IF we DO actually move within a year and what if that house doesn’t have these kind of stairs, then I would feel a bit sad that I didn’t put them up one last time. And it looks really nice, it’s very cozy at night.

Yesterday I made a Christmas stovetop potpourri. Our home definitely smelled like Christmas.

One orange, ½ cup cranberries, 3 cinnamon sticks, about one spoon of cloves and 2-3 cups of water.

Don’t laugh at me but I used dried cranberries instead of real ones, simply because we have a package of almost 2 liters of dried ones at home and I didn’t want to buy something new. I let it come to a boil and then removed the lid to let the smells out in the apartment. I always forget how smelly cloves are, it can sometimes give me a headache, but I think this was the right amount now. Not sure if you’re supposed to smell the orange or not, which I didn’t, but it looked pretty:) Should last for 4-5 days I read. I’m just gonna leave it in the pot and warm it up whenever I feel like we need more Christmas spirit in our home:)

Today I plan on baking us some saffron treats. I feel like testing making saffron muffins cause I’ve never done that before and buns is just too much work. But Jim seems to want me to make the buns (I’ve made them a few times over our years of marriage) so we’ll see.
We went to one grocery store yesterday and got most of the stuff we need for this holiday but we still need to go to another store tonight. Jim happens to be really busy this week for some reason (normally slow before Christmas), he’s just constantly in meetings and working long days, so I have to kinda adjust to do things whenever he has time. Like yesterday we went to the store in the middle of the day cause it fit him better.

Christmas isn’t until Friday but since I’m Swedish we also celebrate tomorrow and the festivities starts already tonight, called uppesittarkvall. So tonight we will have some irish coffees (non alcoholic and decaf of course) cause that’s a tradition from my parents and maybe I try to find this Swedish movie that I used to watch on the 23rd every year as a kid, but we’ll see. Tomorrow we will watch Donald Duck at 3 pm like always and enjoy a saffron and chocolate ‘fika’. Then we’ll have ham with a potato gratin. On Friday we’ll probably gonna open gifts (we only have two that we got sent from J’s mom) and then have cornish game hen with maybe potato or something. We don’t feel like making a whole turkey again, this hen is perfect size plus we will have tons of leftover from the 24th.

We have lovely weather these days, a bit warmer. It’s going to be even warmer tomorrow but unfortunately rain all day. Oh well. We spend our days mostly inside anyways:)
Happy Holidays!

Thor in the scarf I knitted for him a few years agoDuring winter you have so much to wear that it’s easy to forget something…like your facemask.
Luckily no people outside at this time, and I covered my face with the scarf when in the lobby of our building (mandatory face covering)
Just look at Thor, haha, enjoying the sun 😀

Thor’s paw prints in the snow, so cute