Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

On Saturday, we drove to R and A’s breakfast place, but it was closed because of yom kippur, so we drove to another place. The food was really good, I ordered french toast, mmm! We continued our drive into the city and walked over to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Guess if I was excited:) R didn’t wanna join us but A and the baby came along which was nice. Little Sam was such a good boy the whole time, slept, ate and slept some more:)

I don’t know what I really expected but I felt like the museum was missing something. Can’t put my finger on it. But, it was a great museum, I enjoyed it. They had a few exhibitions, like the Rolling Stones magazine 50th anniversary. After the museum, Annelise took the baby home and the three of us stayed in the city for a few more hours. I would have loved for A to come with us, but the baby needed a real nap. We went to a bar for some food, walked over to the “flats” where R and A used to live, and we finished the city night at a burger bar.

The City of Cleveland

I thought Cleveland was a nice city to spend a weekend in. It reminded me of Minneapolis, Boston and Chicago, which not everybody agreed with me on, but I guess it was also based on feelings and impressions I’ve had in those cities. I like the city. Very clean. Friendly people too. We didn’t spend much time in the city, but at least I got an idea of it. 

Cleveland, baby snuggles & baseball

We arrived in Cleveland around 11 am on Friday and took a taxi to Jim’s brothers house. Ryan was at work, so we spent some nice time with Annelise and Coco the dog until little Samuel woke up. I’ve seen pictures of our nephew before but he was waaayyy cuter and smaller in person. Both J and I fell in love:)

We went for a walk around the neighborhood, drove to get some food and after Sam’s nap we drove in to the city of Cleveland to pick up Ryan. Went for dinner and then continued to the baseball stadium. Cleveland Indiands vs Chicago White Sox. Our first and last game of the year, haha. Sox lost of course, but we still had a good time. It was baby’s first game and the stadium gave him a certificate and a mini foam finger. Annelise and I walked over to the family area so that she could feed him and we had a good time just the two (three) of us, and I’m sure the brothers had a good time too.

We are in Cleveland

Hi! We are in Cleveland. We arrived early yesterday and we are leaving early tomorrow morning, so it’s a short and busy trip. We want as much time with Jim’s brother and his wife as we can, and of course snuggle our new nephew, so there’s no time to sit by the computer. I will update you guys on our weekend when we are back. I better get ready for today’s adventures now. Have an awesome weekend!