Glass Beach

Before our trip to Kauai, I searched online for special things not to miss on our vacation. In a way I don’t like to look too much into things, cause I like to find and explore on my own and looking at pictures or hearing peoples stories kinda ruins that a bit. But, I also don’t want to miss something really cool, so I listen to the stories and I do some research:) 
One thing that I had read about was the “Glass Beach in Hanapepe“. I saw a few pictures of it and it looked so cool so we went to find it. I had read somewhere that it was located by the Salt Pond Park, but it’s actually more hidden behind an industrial area more east of the Salt Pond. There are no signs to this beach and guide books doesn’t mention it. On the way back from Polihale State Park, I searched around online and eventually found it, typed it in on google maps that guided us to the location. 
For some reason I thought it was going to be bigger pieces of glass, but they were tiny. The whole beach is formed by pieces of old glass bottles. It looks like a rocky beach but when you take a closer look at the “sand/rocks” it is clear, green, brown, yellow and blue glass pieces. Very cool to look at up close, less impressive first impression. I’m still very happy that I got to see this. 

Home for a week

Some random pictures from our Kauai vacation

On Sunday night last week, I was so excited to start a new week and get back to real life after a week of jet lag and a sore throat. But then shit happens (literally). Thor had tummy problems and it’s been going on all week. I have been running out several times with him every day. Sometimes it’s false alarm, but we still need to go out. So, I have been home almost all week. Bored? Yes. We were thinking about spending the weekend in the city, but since the pup hasn’t been feeling too awesome all week, we skipped that. Yup, fun life of puppy parents. I’m still super congested so I took this weekend to try to recover. Hopefully this cold goes away soon.
Ok, enough about this shitty story. Now, I am excited to start a new week tomorrow. And this will kinda be the real start of this year. Wohoo!
Who else is excited about this year? 

Some of my favorites from Kauai

It is sooooo hard to just pick a few favorite things, cause every single thing we did on this trip was awesome. I have so many pictures I can share and it’s really hard to choose.
Wailua Falls was of course the most memorable thing for me (the picture above). But the helicopter ride is hard to top, all the different trails that we hiked was of course special in their own way, the Hindu Monastery had the most breathtaking view and the Polihale State Park was the most peaceful place we visited during this vacation.
More updates to come:)