Paris video

May 14, 2020

Aww, I decided to watch the video I made of our vacation in Paris earlier. We had such a great time, we saw so many things during our four day trip. Jim and I are a good team when traveling, or, ok, we are a good team always:) Since we can’t travel anywhere these days, I like that I have my videos to look back at.

from Paris to chemo

May 14, 2020

Last May, we finally went on a romantic trip to Paris. The day before our vacation, my gynecologist called me and told me that I will have treatment once we’re back. I wasn’t worried about the treatment itself really – even though my doctor only used the word chemo and kept telling us that I could probably vomit, feel dizzy and experience hair loss so it would be smarter to wait til after so that I don’t ruin our trip – I was more worried that I would feel like shit when I had to go into Manhattan for my appointment at the Swedish consulate the following day, an appointment I had scheduled months in advanced and couldn’t really reschedule since I needed my passport to be valid. I didn’t know that I was going to feel ok after (there is of course a chance that you can experience these side effects, everyone experience unknown things coming into our bodies differently, but most people probably wont, I felt a little tired and had sore legs), so not only was I jetlagged, I also didn’t sleep for more than maybe 3 hours a night during our trip cause my head was spinning with a million thoughts and questions. It was an amazing trip and I am so happy we finally decided to go, but oh my, I feel bad for my  dear husband who had to deal with me being a total wreck at times. He deserves a medal:)

May 14, 2019, I went in for my first treatment. One year later, I’m still not cleared. My blood test last Saturday showed a different number than the previous few, still a good number but because it looked different my oncologist wants me to go in next month again. At this point I barely even care anymore, as long as I feel healthy and my number is down, what’s another test or two or five.. There are other concerns in the world right now. Fingers crossed I’ll be cleared next month though.


Here are some random pictures I took in Paris:

10 years since I moved to Lisboa

September 27, 2019

10 years ago, Sept 26 if I remember correctly, I arrived late at night at the airport in Lisbon after a 9 hour delay in Germany due to some strike. After getting my bag, a red headed Czech girl with a huge smile on her face came to meet me holding a sign with my name on it. Her flight had also been delayed. After having to sleep in the same bed (hahah so weird) at a hotel our very first night because our apartment wasn’t ready, we instantly became friends. Around lunchtime that first day, two Finish girls arrived and they too became our friends. School started and we met more awesome people we came to call friends. And through some new friends, I met other friends.
This was one of the best times of my life. Living abroad as an exchange student in Lisboa was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
If you get the chance to study abroad, take it!

And…8 years ago today Sept 27, I arrived in New York City after spending a summer in Sweden moving out and separating from a 10 year long relationship. My guts was telling me this was the right decision. With really high fever I asked the flight attendants as I was getting off the plane if I could have a painkiller so that I could get through security. Luckily I did even if I looked like shit. A couple of hours later I arrived in Brooklyn and was greeted by a person that I had met several times before but barely knew. This was the first day of our friendship. I love you Emma, thank you for letting me be your roommate (even if I was barely there) 🙂
The next day, I decided to put money on my $10 dollar crappy American phone and text a person I had met before I left nyc that summer. After a few texts we decided to meet that evening. With my high fever and all, I took the subway to Midtown to meet him for a late cup of coffee. That was the beginning of what’s now a happy marriage. Jimmy, thank you for being the person I want to spend the rest of my life with♥

Palais Garnier | Paris Opera House

June 8, 2019

Palais Garnier, the Paris Opera House, was by far the most interesting thing that we saw on our trip to Paris. Of course I wanted to go there since I’m interested in ballet but I didn’t do much research on it actually. I had read that you can go in but I didn’t know if it was going to be worth paying for. And then I saw a picture on instagram when I was scrolling around on Paris stuff the day before our trip. A picture of a spectacular golden room and I looked it up and it was the opera house. I told Jim that I definitely wanted to go to this without actually showing him the picture I had found, I did not care if he wanted to go or not, we were going! He said ok and afterwards he also said that this was a very interesting place that he was glad that he had seen:)

Last week, the day after my treatment, I felt that I had to do something since I had been resting at home all day. So I decided to go see a movie at the Avon Theater. The White Crow, a movie about Rudolf Nureyev and how he ended up in France. I don’t know anyone interested in dance in Stamford so I went by myself. The movie was kinda eeh, but ok for someone like myself who likes dance and for someone that knows who he was. I’m glad that I saw this movie after I had been to Paris and after visiting Palais Garnier cause when he walks up to the opera house or when he is performing on that stage I could really picture it. It is so different to experience a movie if you know the places they show. Movies filmed in NYC that I saw when I was a kid is just so much more fun to watch now again when I know the city. 

We did not have to stand in line for too long to go in and this was in the busy afternoon. It was $24 for two people. Definitely worth it especially because of the golden room. I liked to see the stage of course (which was a lot smaller than other stages I’ve been on or seen) where all the amazing dancers have performed at over time.

This is Fanny 🙂
Wikipedia: Francesca “Fanny” Cerrito was an Italian ballet dancer and choreographer. She was a ballerina noted for the brilliance, strength, and vivacity of her dancing. She was also one of few women in the 19th century to be recognized for her talent as a choreographer.