Weekly Bumps

October 22, 2021

A year of transformation🤰🏼🤱🏼

One year ago today, I was 13 weeks pregnant. The next day I went in for the big ultrasound scan along with my husband. I had already seen and heard our baby three times before that day and the NIPT test had come back with good results, but I was still nervous. We had been stepping on that line to second trimester once before and ended up with broken hearts. But we were hopeful, and in May, our beautiful baby girl joined us earth side. One year of creating a new life, birthing a tiny human with a perfectly pure heart and mind, then caring for this little girl and watch her grow and develop new skills 💕
I took these weekly pictures and created this post purely out of my own fascination of what the body can do. There’s no room for judgements or opinions. I’m grateful to have been able to go through this journey of pregnancy and postpartum. I’m deeply impressed by how much a body can change and what it is capable of. I absolutely love and respect my body and these photos gives me joy ♥

going offline

May 3, 2021

I’ve never felt this calm before. It’s almost weird how at peace I feel while waiting for my child to move out of its first home.
I am going offline for a little while in order to stay fully connected to my little love❤
If someone is messaging or calling me or my husband and we don’t answer, it does not mean that we are at the hospital, it simply just means that we don’t want to answer🤪we don’t need that kind of stress or pressure right now. Baby will be here when she/he is ready💕


April 29th, 2021

Happy DUE DATE & Happy International DANCE DAY!

Two special days today to celebrate. Dance should be celebrated every day of the year, but I love that there is one day that is extra special. And today we can celebrate that I have been pregnant for 40 weeks, what an accomplishment. Still so so so grateful for the 9+ months I’ve had with lots of energy and feeling pretty good overall. Lets see when Lilliput wants to come join us earth side. 


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Old Wives Tales – Baby Gender Tests

April 28, 2021

To not find out the sex of the baby is quite exciting. It means we have had months and months of guessing which is fun. One could say that it would be easier to shop for the baby if you know the gender, but since I don’t care if a girl wears blue and boy wears pink it’s really not important to find out until the baby is born.

In the end of February, Jim and I decided to go through some of the old wives tales to see if we could find out what we are having. This is our results:

* Lets look at my cravings. Sugar means girl, salty means boy. Well, I can’t get enough of sweet and spicy food and just like during the last pregnancy I have no salt cravings. I’m normally someone who over salt everything and I enjoy salty chips but when I’m pregnant, I don’t like it. But I think this one is because I’m drinking a lot more water than ever before and my body simply doesn’t crave it. And I have always had a sweet tooth so no difference now = GIRL

* Baby’s heart rate, if it’s over 140 it’s a girl, slower than 140 it’s a boy. The baby has since the end of first trimester had a heart rate around 155-160, but again, a heart rate depends on how active they are. If I sit down to relax in a doctors chair it might mean dance time for baby. If I drink cold water the baby might freak out and starts moving. There are many reasons for the heart rate to be high or low = GIRL

* Carrying high or low and the shape of the bump. Well, this one is a bit hard to tell because different websites says different things. But most sites says that if you are carrying high by the ribs it’s a girl, if the belly hangs down low it’s a boy. If you are carrying all over the place it means boy, if it’s straight out to the front it means girl. However some say that if someone see you from behind and they can’t tell that you are pregnant, it means boy. Confusing huh? My bump has been quite high and straight out the whole time until it dropped (still straight forward though). And J says that you can’t tell that I’m pregnant from behind, so I guess I’m having both? = GIRL / BOY

36 weeks

* Morning sickness in the first trimester means girl, if you felt fine it means boy. I have never experienced nausea, I felt great during this and the last pregnancy. So it should mean boy, but the last baby was a girl, so who knows = BOY

* This one is a bit gross for some maybe, but first thing in the morning I peed in a plastic cup and then added a teaspoon of baking soda. If it fizzes it’s supposed to mean it’s a boy, if it stays flat, it’s a girl. Mine stayed flat. Well, I don’t think this one is very accurate since urine mixed with baking soda fizzes due to acidity, so it really depends on what you have been eating, probably not so much of the gender of the baby = GIRL

* They say that girls steals moms beauty so if your skin and hair is flawless it means that you’re having a boy. My hair is kinda the same or possibly slightly better and my skin has never been this awesome, it really is flawless (too bad that I have nowhere to go or anyone to see to show off this glowing skin of mine and when I go out I hide behind a face mask). But, this can also be explained by that I don’t wash my hair too often so my scalp doesn’t produce oil to make it look crappy. And all the water that I’m chugging is clearly good for the skin. H2O is after all the best beauty trick out there = BOY

* Linea nigra is a line that appears on the belly on some women. They say that if the line goes from pubic up to the navel it means you’re having a girl, if the line continues above the belly button then you’re having a boy. I noticed that I had a very vague line before I was pregnant so I expected to get one. The line under the belly button became very visible after first trimester, and sometime after week 20 it started to appear above as well = BOY

* The ring test over your hand. What is it? Put your wedding band on a strand of hair (or anything circle and string). Place your hand, palm down, on the table, hold the ring over your hand and then swing it along every finger from thumb to pinky and then back from pinky to thumb, finish over your hand again and see how it moves. Different websites says different things, but mostly I’ve find that if it’s swings back and forth it’s a boy and if it moves in a circle it’s a girl. This is a test where you check all the pregnancies you’ve had or ever will have. So I have to count in “Wiggly” and potential future pregnancies. When I was pregnant the last time I got the same result every time I tried. After we lost the baby I kept getting all sorts of results (yes, I think this is a fun test and I have done it plenty of times haha). This time we did the test it meant that Wiggly was a circle = girl and Lilliput is a circle = GIRL

* Ring test over bump. Keep your ring on the strand of hair and hold it over the pregnant belly. Again, if it swings back and forth it’s a boy, if it moves in a circle it’s a girl. I asked Jim to do it on me this time and….nothing happened at all. Completely still. He didn’t even understand, he just kept saying that when I do it I make it move, but I don’t. We had to do some similar test like this back in school to check energies, so I’m not making it up. Anyway, I ended up doing the test myself and the ring went from a small circle to a clear back and forth = BOY

* Has Jim gained any weight? If the partner gains weight you’re having a girl. He claims that he gained a bunch during our last pregnancy and that was a girl. With this pregnancy it’s hard to tell. He lost some weight when the pandemic started and then I think he gained it back when I got pregnant, but overall I think he’s been pretty much the same = BOY

* Mothers intuition. Well, I thought it was a girl during the whole first trimester and then from the day of our 13th week scan I was sure of boy,… until the kicks started and I kept thinking that it’s a girl kicking. I had a dream of possibly a son, but at the same time I have a feeling there will be a girl popping out. Jim has been thinking GIRL the whole time.

And then we added some other tests as well:

* Chinese gender chart. This one is hard to look at. There are soooo many websites and it’s hard to know if they base the result off of what you can see directly or if they actually look at the lunar year and lunar month. So according to the lunar calendar I got pregnant when I was in lunar age 35 and it was the 6th month of the lunar year (34 years old and conception in August). But if this chart below for example is based off of lunar or not, who knows. So, some websites says BOY and others say GIRL

* Jim and I added a test of our own. I grabbed one of my tarot card decks. Jim got to draw one card to see what it would show. Then I grabbed a card. We got both a blue card and a pink card hahah = BOY / GIRL

The deck has pictures in many different colors so it was funny that we got a blue and a pink card

* We added another test that involved Thor. We put a blue plush toy and a pink plush toy in one end of the rug and asked Thor to go pick one. He picked blue = BOY

He normally loves to play with the pink one and doesn’t care that much about the blue toy, but he went straight to the blue.

 I think it’s safe to say that the old wives had no clue either hahaha. We just have to wait and see 😀