Stillness within

February 10, 2021

It’s not hard to take a moment of stillness 🧘🏼‍♀️
But it’s hard to stop coming up with excuses why you can’t take a few minutes to close your eyes every day.
It is completely possible to stop scrolling and put your phone down for five minutes.
It is possible to take a moment in between binge watching tv-shows.
It is possible to stand still for a few minutes while you’re outside walking the dog.
It is completely possible to get up a bit earlier in the morning.
You just have to make a decision to do it

A Great Monday

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Good Morning! Oh, I wish this video was from today. But my morning is pretty awesome anyway. I woke up right before 6am. If Thor hadn’t come and snuggled himself in close to my body, I would have got up, but I stayed in bed til 6:30. Took a shower, got dressed and took Thor for a walk. He met three cute little friends, yay, he doesn’t really have any here in Stamford. Back inside, I made breakfast, kissed my hubby who left for work and then I’ve been doing stuff on my computer all morning. In a half hour or so, I’m gonna get ready and walk over to the studio to take a yoga class. It’s been awhile and I feel that my body needs it. 
Have an awesome week! 

Meditate wherever you are

Picture from our beautiful evening on Friday. Almost full moon
and the sky turned from this blue to more pink. Magical. 

Good morning! It’s December and I’m in a Christmas spirit for once. Last year I had no x-mas feeling at all and I can’t say I have had much feeling the past few years, but now when we have a bigger tree to decorate and a place that feels like a real home, I feel more jolly:)

I wanted to check in and see how it’s going with your meditation? Have you sat down both Friday and Saturday to take a moment to clear your mind?
On Friday, I didn’t sit down until right before bedtime. I have an app on my tablet called calm and I selected “5 minutes” for guided meditation. I usually use it more as a timer, which btw is something I can recommend. If you know that you don’t have all the time in the world, then set a timer on your phone. These five minutes that I sat with closed eyes before bedtime, I believe helped me fall asleep easier.
Yesterday, my husband and I spent the day on Manhattan. The train in to the city was a bit late and when we finally got on, it was so much people that we ended up standing in the narrow isle, people could barely pass each other. The ride takes about 50 minutes and when you just stand there not being able to move, then I think it’s an excellent time to take a moment to yourself. So that’s what I did. Closed eyes, focusing on not putting any direct attention to the talking people around me or the sound from the train. It was hard, but that was yesterday’s practice for me. I stood there for quite awhile with my eyes closed until someone got up from their seat next to where we stood and had us all to make way. After that, I felt like I had lots of energy all of a sudden. Doesn’t have to mean that the energy came from “clearing my head”, but it was greatly appreciated:)

What’s your experience so far?

one way to get started on meditation

There are so many different ways you can meditate. There’s no “right way”. I think you have to explore and find what fits you the best. Over these 21 days I will post a few different things you can try or think about.

If you are new to meditation, it might be a good idea to start with a guided meditation. You can find a lot of free apps, podcasts and youtube videos with someone guiding you. You can sometimes even find free guided classes to attend in your city, just check your local listings. You can find everything online from guides focused on breathing, guides working on specific topics and guides to help you fall asleep. When I was a little girl, I would borrow my moms relaxation cassette and listen to it at night to be able to fall asleep. There were four different guides. Some guides can be more related to feeling your body and other guides will go deeper and let your mind focus on other things. My favorite one on this tape was the last one where you would enter your own fantasy happy place (ya, like when Phoebe in Friends is trying to guide Monica to fall asleep). I still remember that place and it still makes me happy. It’s a peaceful place where there is no room for worries or fear or negativity. 

Anyway. To sit in silence can sometimes be hard. Some days we have more thoughts, more worries, more tasks and problems to solve than other days, and to tune into yourself can be a real challenge. A guided meditation is an excellent way to help you relax your brain.