Video: House Hunting in Jacksonville

Video from our trip to Jacksonville, Florida.
I would have liked to show you more, but I couldn’t film too much of the houses or the communities because that kinda felt awkward, but you’ll see a little at least of what we were up to 🙂 

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Random snaps from Jax

February 23, 2020

At our hotel We saw many interesting houses along the coast
Castillo de San MarcosCalamari, fried avocado and tuna tostada
Morning meeting Warm mini donuts, Jim got an ice coffee and I got a cappuccino 
From left: 1) espresso 2) sea salt caramel popcorn 3) coffee cake 4) maple bacon
We ended up going to the airport quite early,
so it was nice that there was a sky lounge open where we could enjoy unlimited food and drinks:)

NYC at night seen from the plane, always a beautiful sight 

downtown Jacksonville

February 16, 2020

Three-day-weekend. Not a lot of working for my hubby these days:) We came back from Florida on Tuesday night and he’s off tomorrow (it’s President’s Day here in America). 

Our trip to Florida was successful. We got to explore downtown Jacksonville, visit many different communities in St Johns, meet with home builders and spend some time on the beach. The weather was quite “cold” the first two days, but on Monday and Tuesday I walked around in shorts. Jacksonville was also filled with palm trees which made my heart happy. Everywhere you looked, everywhere you drove, there where lots of palmies♥ Streets where wide and nice to drive on – unlike NY and CT where you are afraid of getting a flat tire no matter where you drive. We both liked Jacksonville. If we gonna move there or not, who knows. This was just a research trip. We have a few other cities we want to explore before we can make a decision:)

Downtown Jacksonville had a nice skyline and….nothing going on. Maybe we walked the wrong streets, I don’t know, but on a Saturday afternoon there was nothing happening, noone out. Later on we left the downtown area, walked along the river and into another area that seems to be the Brooklyn of Jax, very hipster with lots of bars and people. We found somewhere to eat and went back to the hotel relatively early since we had a meeting in the morning. I feel like we got to see what the city had to offer which was the whole purpose:) 

We started our day in Florida with a small bite and drinks at our hotel.
In the back you see what’s apparently a famous golf course where they have big tournaments
(I’m not a golfer so I didn’t actually care hahah)
We took a taxi to the south part of the river and got a coffee at Southern Grounds
and then we went for a long walk to the river
The view of downtown, seen from south of the river Beautiful sunset, very colorful Full moon, called Snow Moon. It was so big that night, Feb 8th