A lot can happen in a year…or can it..

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October 28, 2022

Lily grows and grows but somehow she has a lot of clothes that still fits her that she was wearing a year ago. Weird. The other day she was wearing a long sleeve onesie that we bought before she was born, it is size 2-4 months (!!) and the pants she had was 6 months and the shoes was 6-12 months. Yesterday I went through her closet and just for fun I put her in the cow costume I got for her last Halloween. I thought it was a little small and hard to put on one year ago, but it apparently fits her now. So I took out some more older clothes that I bought a year ago and guess what, still fits. The green onesie I tried on her today was a little snug but looks good. Baby clothes are so strange. Some clothes are still too big on her that says size 12 months or smaller and other clothes in size 18 months (which she will be next week) are almost too small. 

Anyway,.. here are some cute pics of Lulu from last year vs now:)

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