staying busy, being relaxed

April 19, 2021

The real countdown has begun. 10 days til due, but it can be any day now… or it can be in 2+ weeks, baby decides. I hope baby will come before May but so far it doesn’t really seem like it. Baby has definitely run out of room in there though. I thought baby was moving non-stop before, but that was nothing to what I’m experiencing now, holy moly, kicking all day and all night and now it’s really really big movements. Last night I was in bed at 10pm but awake and baby was so active. Then J came to bed at 11, baby still active and at that point it felt like a golf ball was rolling and bouncing off my ribs like if it was a pinball machine. At 11:50pm I was still awake cause baby was still kicking like crazy. That’s when I put a sleep mediation on in my headphones, no idea when baby stopped moving. In a way, I don’t mind it, I kinda like it, it means that the baby is healthy. Even if some of the punches and kicks are a bit uncomfortable these days (my bladder seems to be a fun toy), this is still something I will miss once baby is out. 

This weekend was once again a good mix of being really busy and relaxing. On Saturday we went for some errands. I should be in complete quarantine now, but oh well. We drove to the Scandinavian Butik. They were very serious about safety there. Only 3 people allowed inside, facemasks had to be worn of course and they wanted us to wear plastic gloves the whole time. I had called before we got there so I knew they had what I wanted. Then a quick stop at the grocery store across the street. At home, I washed some of the new baby gifts that has arrived, J installed a baby monitor and we went for a nice longer walk. 

Safety in our elevator. We want to see more stuff like this! 

Yesterday morning around 9am, J and I drove to Mill River Park in downtown (normally I would walk there but these days it’s better to drive). The trees were still kinda blooming but had already started to shift to green, but we still got some cute last minute maternity photos I think. I’ll show you more another time:)

We came home, had breakfast and then decided to go for a walk. We ended up walking behind a girl from our apartment and forward. All of a sudden we see her legs give up and she falls straight forward. Luckily she caught herself with her hands cause that was a pretty bad fall. Once on the ground she started shaking. I grabbed the leash and J ran up to her and rolled her to her side to check that she was breathing. I told J to stay with her, picked Thor up in my arms and ran inside to the pharmacy (we were right outside RiteAid). I somehow figured they had some sort of medical training in order to work there. The guy didn’t really seem to care but called something out in the speakers. I just left and ran back. Two older people were there now, the woman was on the phone getting an ambulance. J got the girl, probably not older than 15, to sit up but had to hold her so she wouldn’t fall back. Thor was freaking out of course, he reacted to her fall as well. The girl was responsive the whole time but didn’t speak. Soon the ambulance and a firetruck came. I think she said a few words to them. One of the guys asked Jim some questions, they put her in the ambulance and we went for our walk. She seemed to be ok.
If I had been alone and this would have happened, 9 months pregnant and all, I would have of course gone to check on her but then tried to get other peoples attention to help. Also, here in America it is apparently really insanely expensive to call for an ambulance which makes me question myself in emergency situations. I don’t actually know how it is in Sweden, but in my mind, you always call for help and an ambulance will come. But here, you kinda have to be careful cause it can end up being really expensive for the person who needs help. This girl was not at all dying or anything, my guess is that she had some sort of epileptic seizure and then was in complete shock, but I still think it was a good idea to get her an ambulance, what else could any of us do?
I’m just happy that she seemed ok. I hope I see her walking out here again at some point. 

My heart still hurts every time I look at him, he’s just the cutest♥

Our walk was really nice and warm. On our way back from downtown I was however struggling a bit to walk. I woke up with some discomfort in my groins and with the situation with the girl and me picking Thor up and put him down over and over, I guess my body was a bit tired. We sat on the couch to relax once we came home, the boys fell asleep. Then I was up again and was doing stuff around the apartment for several hours. Guess if my groins was tired after all that haha. Finished our weekend with a movie. 

Here in America you get a free breast pump through your insurance. I appreciate that! They are not cheap. My insurance had 10 dif ones to choose from and after some research I picked this one. I read that in Sweden you have to buy your own or you can rent one from the pharmacy. 

Baby is the size of Thor

April 15, 2021

Every Thursday when I wake up I check the different baby apps on my phone (I have a few). Today one of my apps said that “Lilliput” is about the size of a pomeranian. Hopefully baby isn’t as fluffy as Thor but just as cute♥

We’ve had some nice and warmer days this week, today is a bit gray and it might rain though. Outside our apartment they are setting up to film a movie. Haven’t had that since we lived on Manhattan. A couple of weeks ago I saw a job listing online that they were looking for artists in Stamford. Since I’m pregnant I didn’t care to apply for anything. I might however walk past the set later to check it out. Maybe I spot some movie stars:)

The cherry trees and all the other trees are finally blossoming. I’ve been waiting and waiting. Hopefully the rain won’t destroy them for the next couple of days, I have a dress that I would like to take some cute last maternity photos with by the beautiful trees. 

I have asked Jim to take me (and Thor) for evening walks now every day leading up to birth haha. I can of course walk by myself but it’s just better to have him with me in case something happens:)
Plus it’s a nice family activity before Lilliput is here

Yesterday I saw my doctor again (I’m 38 weeks today). Bump measures good, heart beat was 155 which is good, but no signs of labor yet but that’s ok, I have a couple more weeks til due date. But in the end it’s up to baby when she/he wants to come out. I’m hoping to have the baby in April cause I really don’t want to be induced, but we’ll see. Baby decides. 

I always sit in the back going to places cause T isn’t exactly calm then
But going home from somewhere he is super happy and calm so I sit in the frontAnd he sits on bumpie 😀

Our weekend, April 10-11

April 12, 2021

Happy Monday! Hope you had a good weekend! We had a lovely weekend mixed of both relaxing to the max and being really busy. 

On Saturday after our morning coffee I suddenly felt really tired and out of energy. It’s weird how when I don’t sleep that well I have tons of energy all day every day and after I’ve had a really good night sleep, like Saturday, I’m exhausted. In an attempt to give myself some energy, the three of us went for a walk. Walked around downtown and I was soooo jealous of everyone enjoying their brunch on the outdoor seatings. The image I had back in 2018 of me being pregnant included brunches, dinners and coffee breaks both indoors and outdoors with hubby and friends feeling all cute in my big belly. The few times we have been eating at places during this pregnancy (like on our babymoon) I’m not particularly very relaxed cause I keep thinking about having to sanitize my hands and put my mask on whenever someone else is coming near me. But my new wish is that before we leave Stamford this summer I might have got the vaccine and we can sit outside to brunch somewhere with the stroller next to us. I would love to stroll around Central Park as well one more time before we leave:) 

When we came back home the weather was really nice, so we decided to spend the afternoon on our terrace in the sun. A bit cloudy and colder wind, but the 18°c felt amazing, I’ve been waiting for this! We both got a little tan. We watched a movie in the evening and that’s really all that we did this day. We got nothing important done other than relax and enjoy each others company, which in a way is more important than anything else really. 

I don’t have much clothes that fits me anymore, I’ve been living in this sweater haha

On Sunday at 8 am,  I woke up by a kiss on my cheek and J told me there’s breakfast. He and T had went to get coffee and a tuna bagel for me. Just the best way to wake up:) Around 10 we both got off our butts and started to do stuff around the apartment. I gave J some tasks here and there (like vacuum, clean the bathtub, take recycle out and go through a box of computer stuff) while I went through the boxes in the storage room. My original wish when we still lived in NYC was that we will get rid of basically everything we own when leaving the north, but I’ve realized it’s stupid to get rid of all of it, I don’t feel like spending that money again, plus the things we have is stuff we like. And then I have soooo many books which is very hard to pack. Movers usually don’t seem to like moving tiny boxes but to fill big boxes with books is just not ideal since it’s so heavy. What is the smartest way?
After lunch, we sat down to do some tasks together, like make two playlists for the labor. One is filled with ambient calm music and one has more fun and pop’y music in case I feel that I need that:) Then we watched the Sox game and I finished making my very first crochet bunny that I have been making for “Lilliput”. It’s not perfect in any way but I am pretty proud of myself, it’s very cute. I do think the black nose and eyes kinda destroyed it though, it’s a bit harsh. I wanted to leave it with no face but that could also be a little creepy. Eh, whatever. It was fun to make so who knows maybe I’ll make more:)
After the game ended we listened to a hypnobirthing track together, it’s kinda like a meditation practice to prep yourself for giving birth. Jim fell asleep though haha. And then we didn’t do much, I watched some reality show and stretched my body and J played games on his computer. 

My idea was to hang it on the stroller bassinet for the baby to look at but I don’t have a good clip for it.
Any ideas?Thor got a haircut last week, he’s so cute

I have started to feel like a ticking 💣 now. I have no signs of being close to the birthday of my little love but I know it can change exactly whenever from now on. So this week and all the upcoming weeks I’m just gonna take each day as it comes. Preferably she/he will stay in there for a few more weeks, but we’ll see:)

Sunday Morning Beach Walk

January 17, 2021

About an hour after I uploaded the last post, my doctor sent me a message that I do not have gestational diabetes, yay! My baseline, first, third and forth blood tests showed way below the minimum level, the second test showed closer but still below, so I definitely don’t have diabetes. The 1 hour tests doesn’t seem too accurate (hence why they make you do the 3 hour one sometimes), it’s can kinda just be bad luck. I didn’t have to do anything special before the 1 hour test, I called the morning of to double check and they just said to not eat an hour before my appointment. But, I read somewhere on google that if you would eat for example cereal in the morning before your test it can interfere. I don’t eat cereal very often but for some reason I did the day of my test, so who knows if that did something.
Well, it is definitely great news. It would suck to have to check your blood sugar 4 times a day. But plenty of women get this diagnose and unless you’re really at a high risk to maybe even have diabetes after pregnancy, you’ll be fine, just have to watch what you eat more. 

Yesterday we didn’t do anything special. I have like four thousand things on my to-do list before our trip so I spent most of the day at my desk. We went for a longer walk in the afternoon and we watched a tv-show at night, but that’s it. 
This morning we drove to Cove Island here in Stamford around 8am. Nobody there really that early on a cold Sunday morning which was nice. Thor tried to eat all the sand again which we tried to train him out of. We are going down south in a week and he can not eat all the sand there, that would not end well. Not sure why he does it either, he’s weird. But we had a nice walk, very refreshing. The good thing about wearing a mask is that it covers your face when the wind gets really cold:)

I have to clean the apartment today, also gonna cook us a vegetarian Mexican lunch and then try to check off a few more things from the to-dos. We’ll see if I have time for anything else. Jim is off work tomorrow (MLK day) so I have plenty of time to ask him to do stuff for me hahah (mostly just to carry stuff around since I try to not lift things these days or to grab things up high in cabinets).

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Very nice in the sun but the wind was freezing
Thor ordered us coffees on the way home 😀


December 17, 2020

The snowstorm didn’t turn out as bad as I thought it would. It started to snow around 4:30pm yesterday and they said it could be up to 16 inches. We got a white ground pretty quickly but it was also extremely windy so everything was mostly just blowing around. When we had gone to bed I woke up an hour later and the apartment was so noisy. It sounded like millions of icicles were hitting the windows. I got up to look at it both on first and second floor but you couldn’t actually see anything, barely even looked like it was snowing. 
This morning when I looked out it was still snowing but there wasn’t as much snow as I had expected. 
I took Thor for a walk around noon today. The snow reached up to my ankles and I wasn’t even sinking all the way down to the ground so there was definitely plenty of snow but maybe not 16 inches. Thor struggled to get through, haha, poor guy, but he had fun trying to jump forward. He also insisted on doing all his business on the snow and not on the shoveled ground even though it was difficult for him:) When we came home he had ice balls hanging on his legs and between his back legs where his other balls used to be. I had to use the hair dryer to get them to fall off him haha.