Zofnass park

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August 17, 2020Ā 

I did not want to get out of bed this morningšŸ„“ Thor was all snuggled up against my body, hubby sleeping next to me and I could barely open my eyes. I could easily have slept for another hour, but I knew if I just got up without thinking about it I would feel so much better. I put on sweatpants and a sweater and walked out to the living room. I did a guided 20 minute kundalini yoga practice and then directly took a shower. By this time the boys had gone out of bed and the day had officially started. I was still a bit tired but way more awake than if I had skipped my practice.Ā 

On Saturday we had a bit of colder temperatures outside in the morning, so we decided to bring Thor to a park that we haven’t been to before, Zofnass Family Preserve, Westchester, NY. We were the only ones in the entire forest which was kinda nice (and quiet). Thor took charge and was leading the way hahah. For being such a small little guy he can really walk far and he seems to love hiking as much as we do. We have to carry him at some places of course, like up bigger rocks, but then when the ground looks better he immediately wants to go down and walk by himself, it’s like he knows, so cute. We ended up walking back after about half of the trail cause the sun was coming up and Thor started to look tired, but it was still about 3 miles which was a perfect start of the weekend. We bought coffees on our way home.
In the afternoon, we were on the terrace, J was working out with the weights we have and I did yoga. It got pretty windy up there after awhile so IĀ ended up moving my practice inside.
Yesterday, after morning coffee, I ran around cleaning and organizing the apartment (as always hahah) even though I said to J that I didn’t want to clean, but I had so much energy and I was motivated to declutter our home. When there’s stuff everywhere it is hard to feel at peace so I constantly move things around or walk around trying to find stuff to get rid of. I can’t wait to move so I can get furniture that makes sense and closed cabinets instead of open shelves. But for now, it is what it is:)Ā 

We could’t spray Thor with mosquito spray of course (deet is toxic to dogs),
but we used spray on ourselves and also put on these mosquito-repellent wristbands

I wish I had this on our adventurous vacations, like on Kauai, so handy
It’s a waterproof reflective Fanny pack, fits my phone and keys,

perfect for hikes or just to take Thor out for a walk

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