Sleepy Hollow & Tarrytown

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September 30, 2019

We had the most awesome weekend! I feel recharged and motivated! 
We arrived in Sleepy Hollow around 11:30 am yesterday. We had decided to go explore the Rockwood Hall State Park becuase it’s right by the Hudson River. So nice to go for a walk and enjoy a park where there isn’t a billion people. So beautiful out there. There is another bigger park somewhat nearby but this park was right by the water and gave us a nice view. 

Yield to the Headless Horse

I would have liked to stop and visit the cemetery from the story but since we had a nervous little guy in the car we didn’t want to stop too many times and be tourists. We drove by though, so I did see it. So after the Rockwood Hall we parked in the city of Sleepy Hollow, walked through and to a bar but it didn’t seem too dog friendly, so we walked back to the car to drive to a place in Tarrytown that J had looked up before, Horsefeathers, where we could sit with Thor outside. We both ordered burgers cause the waitress said that’s what they are known for. It was really good! T behaved better than normal, only a few barks once the food came. 
After lunch we drove down to walk on the Scenic Hudson River Walk. It was very windy there and lots of people. Nice to be by the water but I prefer the Rockwood park. 
We decided to drive into town and go to a coffee shop, Coffee Labs Roasters Inc, that I knew would accept Thor inside(it’s very rare that places accept dogs, at least here in America). This place was not only dog friendly, they also seem to take coffee really seriously. I ordered a latte with extra espresso and I got a teddy bear:) I enjoy latte art, I never really had time to practice that when I worked as a barista (I have worked at two very busy cafes) so I always created hearts for my customers or tried to make leaves that always ended up looking more like blobs haha. 

Back home, T fell asleep on the couch in two seconds and J was watching the Bears game next to him. I was playing computer games for awhile. In the evening I rolled out my yoga mat in the bedroom. A little bit of gentle yoga and meditation felt nice after a long and active day. I looked at my phone this morning, it says we walked 7 miles yesterday, I am really impressed by our little 8 lbs fluff, I wonder if his legs are sore today.

Thor was being silly while we waited for our coffees at the cafe 😀

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