Nashville, day 2

July 28th, we woke up around 7 or so and decide to get out to find coffee. When we had picked up a cup each, we started to walk around the downtown area of Nashville. Noone out now so I could really get a look at it. Broadway seems to be a crazy street no matter what time you show up, except at 7:30 in the morning:) I had searched online what things we should see in Nashville and found the Printer’s Alley, so that’s what we went to check out first. Euhm,..there is nothing there except for the sign. Ok. We walked back. We thought about visiting the Johnny Cash museum but it was small and kinda expensive for what it was and since Jim doesn’t really care we decided to skip it. By this time it was getting closer to 10 am when the hotel pool would open. We changed clothes and took the elevator to the top. We went in, spent maybe 4 minutes there and then parents and like 10 kids showed up and splashed all around us, so we got up. We sat down in the lounge and ordered champagne instead.

When we had showered and were dressed, we walked to a different area of Nashville. First mission was to find lunch. Jim wanted to go eat at a chicken place but there were like an hour long line to get in so we ended up at a random bar. My food came and when I had finished it, J had still not got his food. The bartender gave some lame and fake excuse to why it was late. Eventually it came and we had wasted about an hour of our tourist time. Oh well.

Out on adventures. We came to RCA Studio B. I was excited to check it out, but apparently you can only visit it by visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame first and they will drive you in a bus there and have a guided tour. That sucked! I was so disappointed! We walked on the music row for a bit and there is really nothing in that area. So we walked back to downtown Nashville to see our friends who were at Tootsies. Crowded and loud, but fun to experience.
In the afternoon, we all went to our hotel. J had brought a poster for his friend so we thought it could be nice to stop by the hotel bar before they head back to their hotel to change before the concert.

Jim and I got to the concert a bit before the others. I didn’t even realize it was the Pixies playing on stage, cause we were just standing there trying to figure out where they were. We had good spots right in front of the stage, but when the others finally came, they didn’t want to stay there for whatever reason, so we walked to the very back of the crowd. Weezer was great! We had fun. The guys were singing out loud of course, like always when they get together:) 

After the concert, around 11:30pm, they wanted to go find a less crowded bar off Broadway. I honky tonked by myself for maybe an hour while the others sat in the bar. I was pretty tired after midnight and I tried to tell Jim that he seemed done. Well.. we didn’t get back to the hotel until 3am, and nothing, absolute nothing, had happened in those three hours. But oh well, these guys don’t see each other very often so I didn’t want to drag J and his friend away from each other. 

Westin Nashville

We stayed at the Westin Nashville Hotel this weekend. A very nice and clean hotel. Directly when you came in it felt kinda fancy. The room was of great size and it was almost too bad we only stayed for two nights.

They have a gym that we never checked out. I thought about going down there to work out on Sunday morning when Jim was sleeping, but I was pretty tired myself and drinking coffee in the sun sounded better to me:) But judging by the pictures of the gym I think it would have been nice to work out there. 

There was an infinity pool on the roof which we of course had to check out. It didn’t open until 10am which was a bit annoying since we like to do stuff early, but there were no sun then anyway and the water wasn’t heated so maybe 10 was a good time after all. We were the first ones in at 10 and 15 minutes later 8 kids and their parents where splashing around so much that we just left to have champagne in the lounge instead. I loved the style of the lounge area. They also had a second rooftop floor that looked very nice, but we never hung out there. 

I was very pleased with our stay there. The staff was friendly and helpful and like I said, the hotel was clean. Clean is important to me and unfortunately not all hotels are that clean no matter how many stars they have. 


We are back from our weekend trip to Nashville. We landed around 2pm on Friday and after leaving our stuff at the hotel we walked down to Broadway. The street was pretty packed and a bit overwhelming. Nashville is kinda like Vegas these days. Very popular for bachelor, bachelorette, 30s and 50s party celebrations. A lot of them start their party as early as like 9-10am in the morning so around 3 when we got there people where already in full speed party mode. But it seemed to come in waves, cause sometimes when we came out of a place it was almost “empty” on the street cause everybody had probably ended up inside somewhere, and then in an hour it was completely packed on the streets again.

Every bar had their doors and windows open and bands performing loudly in the opening, so you heard 20 different songs at the same time when walking around which was actually fun. Country music everywhere and people wearing boots and cowboy hats. 

We were hungry so we went to Jacks bbq on Broadway, like the only place that wasn’t packed. After that we just walked around checking all the stores that sold boots, walked down to the river and then ended up on 2nd Ave where we saw they had a Coyote Ugly bar. Maybe you don’t know this, but Jim and I met at the Coyote bar in NYC, so we thought it could be fun to check out. Na, it is pretty tacky and not very fun, so we didn’t stay long.

Our friends had now landed and texted us to come to Legends Corner. That was probably the best bar on Broadway with a little older people, both tourists and locals, hanging out there (at least during the day). Great live music and lots of fun music stuff to look at on the walls. A more calm place in compare to all the other bars. 

We went bar hopping for the rest of the night. One new bar off Broadway had a full 90s theme with arcade games that was free to play as much as you wanted and the decor in there was cool, but ya, very new and not so country. We stayed to play a few games and then continued. At one point we ended up at Robert’s Western World, a bar that I had written down. The night before our trip, I re-watched the episode of Master of None where Aziz goes to Nashville, and I saw they went to Robert’s. We wanted to honky tonk of course but every place was so packed this late at night that you could barely exist, haha, but I definitely tried to dance in the crowd:)