last day in Sweden

This week passed by pretty quickly. It’s almost 9am now, I’ve been awake for a few hours already but didn’t get up until 7:30, took a shower and now I’m doing stuff on my laptop. I have barely touched my computer since we got here. Our flight isn’t until 6:30 pm tonight, but we have to take a train to Copenhagen (it takes about 2.5 hours) and you never know with the trains here, so we want to leave somewhat early. My parents are at work now but my mom will come home around noon and drive us to the station. 

We’ve had an amazing trip. It really did go fast thought, feels like we just got here. But I feel like we got some good quality time with my parents and my dad got a good birthday surprise and that’s why we came here. 

Jim is still asleep. I kinda want to start to pack our bags, but I have to wait a little bit until I go wake him up. At least one of us should have a good sleep (I feel like I haven’t slept at all). Thank you Sweden, we’ll see you again…some time in the future:) 

my surprise visit in Sweden

On Friday night, December 8th, I took an uber to JFK airport and met Jeanette there. We were there early cause she had a lot of stuff and wanted to borrow space in my bag. My bag was only half full (and half of that was gifts, I try to travel light these days). After 1.5 hour and a lot of mess at the airport (lets just say that this day was not a good day to over-pack your luggage,..every single person checking in had to repack or pay extra for a few kilos) we finally got to our gate. The plane left like it should. J fell asleep right away and slept for over 6 hours, lucky her:)
We took the train from Copenhagen to Falkenberg and my father came to pick us up. After we dropped J off, we went to buy pizza and then drove to my parents house. My dad walked in first and told my mom to help him with groceries in the car. And there I stood with pizza in my hands. That shocked, confused face is something I’m not gonna forget. 
The next morning, we drove to Smaland (another region in south of Sweden) to visit my grandma. She opened the door and there I stood. Same shocked and confused face as my mom had. After a minute, my aunt and her husband, who apparently also were there, showed up and were also in shock. An hour or so later, the doorbell rang. I opened the door and another confused face:) My sister hugged me and behind her stood her boyfriend and his two kids and didn’t understand what was going on. 
Have I mentioned I love surprises:) 
We had a lovely time at my grandmothers. I’m glad that I got to see her and my aunt. Last time I saw them was on my other grandmas funeral, not too fun. So this was very nice. 

The rest of my time in Sweden I spent going through my boxes as you know. But I also got some time with my parents and my sister. I got to know my sisters boyfriend, John, and I took a yin yoga class together with my mom. Very simple. Last few years, I have tried to not stress about stuff. I go to Falkenberg to see my family and to relax, nothing else matters. When my husband goes to Sweden with me we usually are more busy, but when I go alone, I just take it easy. Don’t know when the next trip will be. We’ll see. But I’m happy that could go now.

Thor wanted to come too and packed himself in my suitcaseTired and hungry but very excited for my surprise visitI have to eat at least one kebab pizza every time I go to Falkenberg
I visited my sister in Halmstad for fika
This is the most “normal” photo I could find of us 🙂It snowed or rained every day when I was thereLucia on TV. And liver paste on my bread for breakfast, also a must when I go to SwedenCute little house installation thing in the middle of the cityMy sister and I fika at Espresso House My parents and I were invited for dinner at my sisters. John really knows how to cook
Another fika at espresso house with sister and JohnAnd then I was on my way back home again.
Still not a lot of luggage. I even put a bag in a bag on this trip:)

Sunset, Skrea Strand

skrea-strand-sunset_02 jim-fanny-skreastrand_01skrea-strand-sunset_01Three pictures from the night of grandmas funeral. We had
dinner at the beach hotel restaurant and the sunset was gorgeous

Hey, yay, Friday! This week has gone by fast. It barely started and now it’s weekend again. 
Earlier today I went up to Midtown to have lunch with my husband at some bar on 57th near his office. After that, I walked to Fika on 59th, bought a cup of coffee and walked to the west side to take the train home. This turned in to what I think is fever so I have basically only been on the couch watching TV all afternoon. Oh well. My husband has been feeling crappy all week as well so maybe we should just rest tonight before our somewhat busy weekend. 

Gekås in Ullared

gekas-fbg_aug2016-02 gekas-fbg_aug2016-06 gekas-fbg_aug2016-03 gekas-fbg_aug2016-04 gekas-fbg_aug2016-05 gekas-fbg_aug2016-01

On Monday last week when we were in Sweden, Jim, my sister, my mom and I drove to the biggest superstore in Scandinavia, Gekas in Ullared. I worked there one summer after high school and my sister works there now, so we’ve talked about it and Jim was curious. This store is located in Falkenberg, out in the forest away from the actual city that I grew up in. As kids we went there only to buy a bunch of cheap crap to put in our little girl rooms. For some weird reason this superstore has become the biggest tourist attraction in Sweden. People from all over Scandinavia and other countries fly in to spend all their savings on cheap stuff. Some people can spend days there. The store has built hotels and they have camping areas nearby. A few years ago they started a tv-show about the employees and shoppers in the store and this is apparently a big hit. The store has expanded and expanded and now they have restaurants, cafes, hairdressers, spa’s and kids play areas, so you can park your cart and relax with other things and then go back to shopping. This. Is. Insane.

Hallands vackraste väg

halland-aug2016_01 halland-aug2016_03 halland-aug2016_04 halland-aug2016_09 halland-aug2016_07 halland-aug2016_06 halland-aug2016_05 halland-aug2016_10 halland-aug2016_08

Our days in Sweden last week went by fast. It was tough to be there but at the same time it was very nice to spend time with family and other relatives. It was hard to be in grandmas house without having her there, but we all tried to enjoy the company of each other. I’m also very happy that Jim got to spend time with my relatives and finally got to meet everyone, even if it wasn’t the happiest occasion.
One day there we drove on what’s called Hallands most beautiful road (Halland is the region that Falkenberg is a part of). Quiet. Green. Water. The smell of nature and the sound of birds. Sweden is a very beautiful country and to show it to my American husband has made me realize that. Who knows, maybe we’ll have a summer house there in the future..?:)