Roadtrip to Virginia Beach

January 27, 2021

Day 4 on our babymoon. I’m gonna try to catch up here, but I’m also not gonna spend my whole vacation on the laptop;)

We left right before 9am on Sunday. Thor was like I predicted freaking out in the car. After about an hour of driving (so basically just passing Manhattan and Newark airport), we stopped for a potty break. After this, Thor seemed to have understood that we were not gonna leave him somewhere, so he calmed down a bit. You could tell that he was tired but I’m sure the noise from the car and all the bumps on the road was a bit scary at first. He tried to nap but kept waking up. He had a few freak-out moments here and there but it was way waaaaayy better than I had expected! I was so proud of him!

We drove in 6 different states, 3 of which I’ve never been to before (depends on if you consider Washington DC to be in state or not, I guess). Connecticut – New York – New Jersey – Delaware – Maryland – Virginia.
We arrived around 4:30 pm. We checked in, I disinfected all the surfaces, T was freaking out, so quickly we went outside for a walk on the beach. It took about 4 seconds before someones face was covered in sand so J had to pick him up (dogs can get really sick from eating sand). It was windy and cold so we decided to find a place that we could eat at or order take out. Murphys Tavern was packed with people except in the extra outdoor tent (they had two) where there were no one, so we sat down and ordered. Just some simple bites that we could eat fairly quickly. Then back out for a cold beach walk.
Back at the hotel we watched football and fell asleep early, we had another long day ahead of us after all.