Move your body every day

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No, it’s not always fun to work out, and no, you won’t always have the energy for it. But healthy hearts, healthy bodies doesn’t just appear or stay healthy if it once was without a little work.
You don’t have to go train for a marathon or lift heavy weights or take a yoga class if that’s not your thing.
Find something you like.
Try new things until you find that fun activity you want to do.
And some days, a simple thing as a walk outside can be enough. It’s ok, you don’t have to run 10 miles, drink green juices and do 400 squats. Any activity to get your body moving a little every day is good, and then hopefully you can also find something fun to do once, twice or few times a week to get you moving a little bit extra.

We only have one body, so we should take care of it ♥

When something click

I taught kids of all ages for many years and it’s so beautiful to see when something just click, when they figured  something out and when there are visible changes happening in their bodies.
But children hasn’t been on earth for very long so everything they discover is amazing. That’s why I love teaching adult beginners. They have been here long enough to have figured out a lot of things, but yet there’s so much more to learn. We are all beginners at something.
I saw some huge changes in my neighbor (who I teach on Mondays) last night and she seemed so proud of herself. I’m proud of her. This is why I became a teacher.

Teaching: upper body strength, lower body stretching

For last night’s gym hour my neighbor requested upper body strength and lower body stretching. I had her do a few different things, some with props, for her abs, shoulders and arms. When she was warmer in her body we switched to stretching the legs. She wanted to focus on hamstrings so we did a lot of that but I also had her stretch inner and outer thigh and butt.
My husband was done with his workout so he came to join us in the stretch which I thought was nice, even if he kinda wanted to do his own things, haha. My neighbor felt that she was stiff and couldn’t get anywhere with her tight muscles and I could see the frustration in her. But I tried to tell her and make her understand that even a small stretch that doesn’t seem like a lot right now can help her get longer muscles over time. When I told her to release in the hips and try to breathe through it, she almost seemed shocked about that it worked. Both of them got to finish with a savasana. A young woman was on the bike in the same room and to help the two to relax and not focus on this woman’s heavy breathing and the noise from the bike, I guided them through a short series of body relaxation. 
My neighbor is a massage therapist and she took a few minutes to check my shoulder blades that has been hurting. Oh man, I am tight, everywhere! I feel like a brick wall. The spot that hurt before has kinda turned into a full back pain and it is now not only affecting one knee, it’s in my hips, knees and feet. I’m a walking robot made out of cement.
On top of this, both me an my husband has been starting to feel sick. Aaah!! Worst timing ever! We don’t wanna be sick on vacation! Positive thinking. Positive thinking. I am not sick. My husband is not sick. My body feels like flubber. My hubby and I will have an awesome time in Hawaii! 

Mindful Movement

My workshop turned out great yesterday. Very happy with it! I felt calm and confident through the whole class, cause why not, I know what I’m doing. Of course I was nervous before, it’s good to be nervous, but once we started I was completely in my teaching role. It was familiar and fun. They seemed to have had fun and I saw those smiles when they left the studio, so my goal was completed:) Got very good response on this and they seem to want more of it so most likely and hopefully there will be more classes coming. 

Workshop flyer

Last night, even if I was extremely tired, I grabbed my yoga mat and walked over to the studio. I haven’t been there in a while actually. Felt good to take a class at night. It was a more gentle class taught by the owner. Exactly what I needed. My balance was really good and I felt stronger in my knees, so all the work I have done at the gym must have paid off:)

After class I saw the workshop flyer on the wall. I knew she had them printed a while ago but I hadn’t seen them yet. It looked nice. Hopefully people will sign up for this workshop. I’m excited to teach and I think this will be a fun class. I’m extremely nervous of course cause I don’t know who could show up and it’s a class for anybody, no previous experience needed, which makes it interesting but also tricky since I don’t know how much material I need to prepare for it in case I need to change throughout the class. And there are many ways I can take this class. I’m trying to not make it into too much dance, it’s just inspired by it, and I want to fit in all the things from the description of course and also make it ok for all body types. It’s a challenge but an exciting one:)