Prospect Park

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Last week it felt like we were getting closer to summer again and then yesterday it changed to winter. Strange. I even put on a sweater on Thor this morning. Jim wrote earlier that they have a little snow on the ground by his new office, which isn’t really that far north. 

On Saturday, Jim and I took the subway out to Brooklyn. We had brunch at some small place and then we walked to Prospect Park. We were in the north end of the park and that whole part belongs to the Botanical Garden. We walked around it til we got to the actual park. Very quiet there. Lots of trees, water and pathways. More of a park, almost a forest, feeling than Central Park. Sure, I haven’t been in the northern part of CP, but still. Very nice and I could really picture myself walk around there with Thor. He would love all the leaves on the ground:) 
I have lived in NYC for almost 6 years and we have never visited the park. We’ve been to a concert there once, but that doesn’t really count. Now we can cross that off the list. 

Williamsburg snapshots

williamsburg_march2016_03 williamsburg_march2016_02 wall-art-williamsburg-2016 williamsburg_march2016_01walk-in-tribeca

Monday morning! It’s raining outside but since it’s warmer it’s kinda nice. None of us knew that it was daylight saving time this weekend and I woke up very confused yesterday, and today I’m very tired and Thor was even more confused today when the alarm went off. 
On Saturday we took the subway out to Williamsburg to go to the Brooklyn Brewery. The line was waaayyy too long so we walked around the corner to go play bowling instead, but there was a few hours of waiting. Popular day to be in Williamsburg I guess. But we spent a few hours in the area anyway eating hot dogs and sitting in bars. On Sunday, my sister and I walked to soho for some shopping and then we met up with Jim and Thor who sat at an outdoor seating, and then we walked home. That is a very long walk for such small pup, I am very proud of T to walk that much. 
These days when my sister is here just goes by, I don’t even remember what we are doing. All I remember from last week is that it was extremely nice weather and we were sweating wearing only t-shirts outside 🙂