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December 17, 2020

The snowstorm didn’t turn out as bad as I thought it would. It started to snow around 4:30pm yesterday and they said it could be up to 16 inches. We got a white ground pretty quickly but it was also extremely windy so everything was mostly just blowing around. When we had gone to bed I woke up an hour later and the apartment was so noisy. It sounded like millions of icicles were hitting the windows. I got up to look at it both on first and second floor but you couldn’t actually see anything, barely even looked like it was snowing. 
This morning when I looked out it was still snowing but there wasn’t as much snow as I had expected. 
I took Thor for a walk around noon today. The snow reached up to my ankles and I wasn’t even sinking all the way down to the ground so there was definitely plenty of snow but maybe not 16 inches. Thor struggled to get through, haha, poor guy, but he had fun trying to jump forward. He also insisted on doing all his business on the snow and not on the shoveled ground even though it was difficult for him:) When we came home he had ice balls hanging on his legs and between his back legs where his other balls used to be. I had to use the hair dryer to get them to fall off him haha. 

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