The Blue Nose Bear

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October 18, 2022

If you read my blog while I was pregnant, you might remember that I posted pictures from our in-bedroom-nursery. Over the crib we had a mobile hanging, an item I ordered from a Russian lady on Etsy. It was a “boy mobile” with blue stars only but I asked her for both pink and blue. Such a cute baby item that I’m happy that we got. 

Part why I loved it was because it had the Blue Nose Bear, a cute bear that was on many birthday cards you could buy in the stores when I grew up plus I had this bigger (and quite heavy) teddy bear. Sadly the bear was still in Sweden and it felt stupid to ask my parents to ship this heavy bear (and the stupid pandemic was still a thing so nobody could bring it). It would have been so cute to have that bear among all the other baby stuff, but oh well.
The mobile came down when Lily started to lift herself up cause she could grab it, and since then it has been hanging out inside her walk-in-closet. I would love to find a way to hang it in her room, it is just sooo cute. The bear took a ride in my suit case when we flew home from Sweden in August so it is now sitting in her room which makes me so happy. And of course I needed to take some cute baby pics of L and the bear together.

Obviously I want to protect my daughter and her body, but I also wanted to share a sneak peak since they are adorble

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