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October 13, 2022

She was so happy to that she could eat the props during our little photoshoot, haha

Babies in costumes is just the cutest. Lily is growing up fast, she’s a toddler already but she is a small toddler so she can still wear the baby costumes. We got one more chance of baby Halloween so of course I got a few outfits for her this year as well:)
She’s just too cute and I know I will love to look back at all these pictures of her and hopefully she will too. I wanted the cute baby photoshoots when she was a newborn but not only was it still a pandemic so I didn’t find many photographers that could offer an environment that I wanted (safe, at a distance and still cute and calm) and we were in the middle of moving so I couldn’t do much on my own at home, she also started to roll over when she was 7 weeks old and was moving all over the place plus she rarely napped and if she did there was just no way she would stay asleep if I moved her haha. So I missed out on those newborn photoshoots (just like I missed out on 85% of everything else I envisioned for my pregnancy and newborn days since it was during a pandemic,…but that’s for a different story time). So whenever I get a chance to add to her photo albums, I will

Lily doesn’t like to take photos, most kids don’t haha, she rather runs around, climbs on her blocks or she wants to “leka” (which means ‘play’ in Swedish and is a word she tells me many times during the day) with her toys. So the fact that I got her to cooperate during this avocado shoot is amazing:) She did great. And to be able to eat the props definitely helped 😀 

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