Date Day in NYC and Empire of the Sun

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June 11, 2019

Went for my weekly blood test this morning. So much for finally going in for monthly instead of weekly. But who knows, maybe she calls me tomorrow and tells me that my level gone down again. Lets hope for that!

We had a busy and exciting weekend. I did actually write this post this weekend, but I haven’t had time to edit pictures and post it. So here it is with a few changes:)

On Saturday, hubby and I left Thor with a neighbor two doors down the hall (some woman we’ve met a few times) and then took the train into Manhattan. We were by Times Sq around 12:30pm and walked straight to Wolfgangs over there. We ordered our normal; oysters, bacon and asparagus. And then we walked down to the new Hudson Yards. We didn’t check out the mall or any other things in the area, but we wanted to check out this new complete waste of money called Vessel, a staircase building. We couldn’t go in/up cause the tickets they gave us was for 5pm. Oh well, next time. I didn’t have my camera with me now anyway so want to go back and then also check everything else in the area. 

That silver building is called “The Shed” and it’s a new performance space.
It is the ugliest building I’ve ever seen! Hideous!

We continued down the High Line, but there were just too much people, it wasn’t fun or pretty like it used to be so we got off and walked down to Meatpacking and had a drink at Brass Monkeys rooftop. From there, we walked down, got coffees, walked to Sockerbit and got a little bit of Swedish Candy.

We walked all the way over to East Village, stopped at some bar and then went to what used to be one of our go-to places, Blockheads, but they had changed the menu, the new prices was way too high, you had to pay for chips and salsa (!!), it was so loud there so we couldn’t speak to each other and my gluten free burrito felt like it was old. Sad, but ok, we’re not going there again.

Went to some other bar before we had to go to Webster Hall for the nights concert. Doors opened at 7 and we were there maybe 20 min past that. Thought they would start playing at 8 but a series of videos of 80s and 90s brands and commercials was playing as the “intro band” for 46 minutes. Kinda boring and our bodies got tired plus it was freezing in there.

And then, Empire of the Sun. They gave a real good show, I like it. What I didn’t like was the drunk guy that touched everyone’s boobs and asses and was just in the way for people. And another guy towards the end was super annoying talking and screaming at everyone while he spilled his drinks all over people and tried to light his weed with a giant flame. Idiots, they ruin it for everyone and we all just wanted to punch them in their faces. It didn’t last all night though so that was good, we could still enjoy it.

I have to say that one of the best things at this concert was that the floor was quite bouncy so when the fun parts in the songs came and everyone started to jump and sing, the whole place bounced, it was buzzing so hard under the feet that it felt like we were in a bouncing castle hahah:)

Such a nice and perfect day with my husband. We didn’t have much plans for the day in the city, but one of the best things to do in New York City is to just walk around. 

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