Three days in Charleston

New York City from above, so pretty, wish I had my better camera to take this picture
French toast panini with banana and nutella, delicious!
Rainbow Row Folly beach Fried green tomato with cheese and bacon with strawberry jam, so good!One shop had a parrot hanging out talking to peopleWonderful weather in January, I could get used to that!
Sullivan Island I had to hug the palm trees goodbye for now:)Our flight was delayed. I sat there eating candy for awhile and
noone noticed me, they were all into their phones and computers

Why did we visit Charleston?

We were in Charleston, South Carolina, January 4-6. This trip was just like our trip to Tampa in April last year = an exploration to see if we want to live there in the future. We don’t want to just decide to move somewhere without checking it out first. I loved the beaches in Tampa, but the city did nothing for me. Charleston was super cute and I liked it a lot and I have had a feeling about SC for several years, even if I had never visited. I tried to listen to if my guts would tell me something during this trip, yes or no to live there, but I didn’t get anything. There’s a chance that I might have been listening too hard so that I didn’t hear anything at all. 
But we both liked it. Very cute city, beaches were great and driving in a few different areas was nice. But it’s very flat down there. We both like hiking and mountains. Charleston isn’t the place for that, hahah. We’ll see.

I know, I’m a bit slow these days to get posts up here, I have a lot of other things to do and I guess the blog hasn’t been the priority. Sorry about that. But I’m about finished with the video from Charleston. I have a few details to add or change but it should be up soon.