at the end of babymoon

February 5, 2021

It’s our last night here. I just packed all our stuff, loaded and then unloaded the dishwasher, hand washed the rest of the dishes and got everything ready for tomorrow. In the morning we have to just take the garbage out and put all the sheets and towels in a pile and load the car with our stuff, then we are all set to drive for 7 hours. Staying one night in Virgina this time as well but in a different city. 
Now I’m a bit tired after all that and just want to spend time on the couch all night:) Jim is trying to find us a movie on Netflix to snuggle up with. 
So, ya, I’m not gonna be able to blog until Monday (day one of quarantine) when we are back. Talk to you then:)

Our second day on the island

February 5, 2021

On our second day here we pretty much just stayed at the house because it rained most of the day. We went for a little walk when it had stopped raining for a bit, but other than that we stayed at home. We had gone to the grocery store the day before so we had ground beef in the fridge, so I made a pasta bolognese for us to enjoy for dinner. We finished the day by sitting in meditation together. A very relaxed day, just what we needed.


busy vacaying

February 3, 2021

went to a park and did a photoshoot this morning

Hellu! Updates will come, but for now we are busy enjoying our vacation. We have a few more days left. Today is cold like all the other days but tiny bit less windy and it’s nice in the sun. Tomorrow we are driving down to Savannah and Friday it’s going to rain all day. So, today is the day to enjoy this beautiful island:)

New month, new week, still on vacation

February 1, 2021

Good Morning! How are you today? I started with 25 minutes of yoga practice and then 20 minutes of pilates. My body hasn’t done pilates in over a week and I can feel it. I could not push myself as hard as I’d like to. Belly is getting bigger by the minute too so I have to adjust a lot, which is ok, it’s a part of this journey:)
Hubby has to work this morning so I’m taking some time to sit with my computer for a little bit, eat my breakfast and just relax. It was raining from noon yesterday, no rain now but it’s quite windy and cold, so I don’t mind staying inside with the peaceful view we have:)

Oh, and speaking of nothing… yesterday I saw my very first alligators!! Wish I had my super awesome lens with me so I could take a picture where you can tell what it is you’re looking at haha. 

Hard to tell here, but the three “log” looking things there by the bush is three alligator heads. There was one out swimming in the pond as well. We have gone to these parks here where we have read there is plenty of alligators but we haven’t seen any, and then we stopped to go say hi to the horses at this horse farm and we saw four alligators hanging out next to them:)

Todays morning yoga practice:

our first full day here

January 30, 2021

Our first day here was pretty warm, about 21°c. It did rain here and there though but was mostly nice and sunny.
I started the day with yoga around 7 am. When J and T got up, we walked to the cute coffee place near here, got some coffee and walked back. Jim had to work in the morning, thought it would be something quick but I guess they had pushed the Monday meeting to Tuesday so he ended up being on the phone for a few hours. So, to occupy myself I put on a dress that I had brought that I knew that I would be too big for later during the vacation (hahah), brought my tripod and camera out on the street here outside the house. There’s no one here really, only three bungalows including ours plus it’s a dead end street so I could really play around all I wanted out there. I think I got some pretty pictures:)
I went inside, changed and packed a few things. J was done with work and we drove to the beach. As we got out of the car it started to rain but I insisted on going out on beach anyway to take the actual maternity pictures that I had planned beforehand. They did not come out great and my hair ended up wet and looked bad. We felt done pretty quickly. Of course the sun came out when I had switched out of the clothes haha. I changed into bikini for a bit and we enjoyed the sun, walked along the beach and had a great time together there.
On our way back to the house we stopped to check out a little shopping/restaurant area and picked up some pizza to take home.

  I brought a whole bag of yoga props.
Now when I’m pregnant I need to modify some asanas (poses)
Jim took this cool night picture with his phone