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May 9th, 2022


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A post shared by || Fᴀɴɴy Suʀᴀ || (@fannysura)

How has it been ONE YEAR already since I gave birth to our beautiful daughter? One year since the funniest, cutest little dancer entered our world. One year since since we became parents. One year since Thor became a big brother (and after one year he sadly still doesn’t seem to approve of her existence). One year since our lives changed forever.

I’ve heard of parents being really sad about their babies turning one, not being ready to let go of the baby stage, and I always thought it was a weird thing to be sad about. But I get it now. Or, I’m not sad really, I can’t wait to explore this world with my girl and see her grow up, but I am already missing the baby who is now entering toddlerhood. It’s even crazy to say that we have a toddler. 

This first year with our little love has been filled with happiness, challenges, some tears, some worries and most of all laughter and joy. Our girl is so funny and now she’s at the stage when she realize that she can cause us to laugh and she has become quite the clown haha. We love her so much and we will do anything we possibly can to make sure she has a wonderful life.

Happy first birthday my child♥

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