Sea Pines Park on the third day

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February 8, 2021

Our third day on the island started with me trying to take Thor out in the morning. He does not want me to take him, he just sits there in protest and wants to go back to daddy. So after a quick potty I left him with J inside and brought my camera out to look at the full moon over the water. So peaceful and only a few birds making sounds. Then I went inside to do some yoga before the boys got out of bed. J sat by his computer for awhile (like every morning) so I drank my decaf coffee and read in a baby book. 

Around 11:30 am we drove to Sea Pines Preserve not far from us. This park turned out be incredibly beautiful on some of the paths. It was a huge park and we had many options of trails to follow. We kept looking for alligators cause we had read that there could be plenty but we didn’t see any. After 1.5 hour or so we were hungry so we went back to the car and drove to get food at One Hot Mamas. They had outdoor seating and luckily a table away from the other tables so we sat down to enjoy some briskets and pulled pork. 

We went back to the house for awhile. The sun was shining so nicely into the living room so I decided to sit down to meditate while the boys took a nap. Since it was such a lovely day we went for a longer walk in the afternoon. We bough lattes and just walked along all the tennis courts and golf courses (outside of beautiful nature, that’s all you can find on this island). 
We came back right before sunset which was absolutely gorgeous. We stood out there and just watched the sun go down. This day was perfect from the start til the end. 

6:50 am a pommie trying to climb a palmie

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