our 4th day of babymoon

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February 10, 2021

On our forth day on the island we had an absolutely gorgeous morning sunrise. I took T out and then he went back to sleep with J while I did my morning practice alongside this magical sky. I did about an hour long yoga practice which felt amazing for my body. Once the boys were up, I took a quick shower and then went for a walk to get us coffee. J was working all morning and had some work phone call at 10:30 am so I sat by my computer for a bit.
We actually didn’t do much else this day. We went for a walk in the afternoon, it was cold in the shade but lovely in the sun. Once we were back at the house we sat outside for a bit, then J went to grill us some pork for dinner and I tried one of those instant rice pouches that you put in the microwave. Super easy and surprisingly really yummy (I always make rice in a pot and kinda fail at making it every time haha). In the evening we enjoyed the view of a gorgeous sunset, I had mocktails and ice cream, we watched my belly for baby kicks and just hung out. Pretty simple Friday:)

These trees  Gloves and palm trees, ya, there’s a first for everything:)
Deer running around on the field next to our bungalow

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