Babymoon day 7 & 8

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February 23, 2021

We had a really windy day on our seventh day on the island. Since the bungalow entrance had a ramp at a slight angle it was a bit tough to take Thor out when it was so wet and windy. We spent most of the day inside. J had to work all morning so I spent my time just relaxing doing my own things. Earlier in the morning I did a 25 minute yoga asana practice followed by 20 minutes of pilates. 
In the afternoon it had stopped raining and wasn’t as windy as the morning, so we drove up north on the island to a dog park. This park turned out to be quiet big. They had a separate area for small dogs but we opened for Thor to be in the big area. There was only one friendly dog there then. Thor had little interest in this dog and just ran around sniffing everything. With all the beautiful trees surrounding this park it made it very peaceful (even if it was right next to traffic), I would love to take T to a park like this every day:) We didn’t stay too long, T tends to get bored easily and walks up to the gate after a little while. So we went for a little walk through a park and ended up on the beach. Quite cold and windy but it was nice. Nobody there really.
We got take-out on our way home and then just spent time relaxing on the couch all night. 

Jim found this disgusting looking thing (the orange ones and the white mushroom balls) outside our bungalow. We found out it is called  clathrus columnatus, it’s a fungus, look it up

In the morning of our eight day I went for a walk by myself to get us coffee at the cafe nearby. And then I spent time by myself again reading a baby book while J was working even though he was only supposed to work for two days during our trip. Eventually I got bored and tired of him sitting by the computer all day, so I went for a long walk by myself. I decided to walk over to the horses, took about 45 minutes. There was no horses in that patio though when I got here. I texted J that he and buttface could come meet me there which they did. Together we drove to the beach for a walk in the sun. We walked pretty far and we ended up at the end of the island. The beach is 12 miles long and we explored different parts of it every time we went.
For dinner we had calzones from the pizza place that we liked and then we sat outside in the cold to watch an absolutely gorgeous sunset. 

This is how cute all the streets on this island was

We saw lots and lots of dead stingrays washed up on the beach

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