Fall for Dance in NYC

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October 7, 2019

Hope you had an awesome week! We’ve been kinda busy. Around 1pm on Saturday, Jim went to drop Thor off in the lobby. Yup, two of the lobby office people had said yes to watch Thor for the day, so he was an office pup all Saturday haha. One of them lives in the building so when they finished work they had just brought T up to the apartment and then dropped him off around 8 or so. 

Anyway. After dropping T off, we took an uber to train station and then the train to Manhattan. We walked across the city to Hell’s Kitchen and to a place we’ve been a few times before, BarBacon on 54 and 9th. We were both rolling out of there after haha. We walked uptown and I got a cortado at a french cafe along the way. Riverside Park is one of my favorite parks and the Upper West Side is cute neighborhood so I had told J that I wanted to walk around there. The sun is going down quite early nowadays though so we didn’t stay there long. We walked over to Central Park and walked from 81st down to 54th where we ended up in a bar for 45 minutes before we had to walk to New York City Center on 55th. 

A few months ago I saw the date they would release Fall for Dance tickets so I put it in my calendar on my phone. When that day came I happened to sit by the computer the minute they released tickets. I ended up being number like 1562 in line! And it said it was 55 minutes waiting…for dance tickets(!), felt like I was waiting for Michael Jackson tickets hahah (which I did back in the day but they sold out before I had a chance…and then sadly the tour never happened). After “only” 35 minutes I got in and I quickly bought two tickets for Saturday and two tickets for next Sunday. They only cost $15 each so that’s why they are so popular. A German woman who sat next to me this weekend told me that she sits on a foldout chair outside the theater every year to by tickets for all 5 programs. Crazy. 

We saw program 3 on Saturday. To begin it was the (Russian) Mariinsky Ballet,  with 6 dancers and live piano on stage. A cute romantic piece, very ballet. Second piece was a duet with the English National Ballet choreographed by Akram Khan. I have seen his works before and I love to watch that kind of modern dance, a beautiful and quite powerful piece. After intermission it was time for the Swedish company Skånes Dansteater. A duet with a tall male dancer and a woman in a wheelchair. I liked the piece a lot and I felt like I wanted to do all the movements myself, but it felt very very Scandinavian. The whole choreography, the movements, the use of music all felt like what I’m used to back home, no surprises to me at all, and Jim almost fell asleep. The last piece was with Alvin Ailey. I hate to say this but I was very disappointed. I’ve seen them on stage before and I have admired their work and looked up to the talented dancers, but this piece was (in my opinion) not good. This was a piece I almost fell asleep to. It felt like we were watching a ‘house dance’ class, everything was fronted to the audience and it was too intense to watch. But it was a fun piece to end the evening with I guess, the audience liked it. They added the applause and thank you into the piece, so they kept the audience engaged which was clever, but other than that I was so disappointed.
Overall I enjoyed this program. Very different pieces, a good mix. I’m excited for next week as well!

On Sunday we stared with coffee and listening to classical music. Then we drove to costco and of course ended up with a lot of crap. Straight from costco we went to a massage place we’ve been to a few times before for a full body couples massage. We both really needed this, our bodies was like rocks. It seems like the women noticed that on us as well. My masseuse was all over my left side of the neck, the right side between shoulder blades and the left butt cheek…I wonder if I’ve done lots of uneven workouts? And it wasn’t that she just happened to rub more on some spots (like some masseuses that clearly doesn’t pay attention), these were really the places I’ve been feeling extra tight lately. Strange, I have to look into why my body is so uneven. 
Back home, our building had Football Sunday with pizza and bud lights. We stopped by the lobby to grab my keys and to give them a box of chocolate as a thank you. And then we did nothing special for a few hours until we had to go meet with a future dog sitter. That was one of the strangest meetings ever. We passed a man with a dog twice before we realized that was the person we were gonna meet (thought we were gonna meet the wife, plus I had no idea they have a dog so I was so confused). And after we said hi, the two men said absolutely nothing for the longest time, and I ended up just trying to calm Thor down who thought we were leaving him and trying to say hi to the other puppy. It was all just so strange, but whatever, I think J booked them once we came home (going away in November and our regular sitters can’t watch him).

Now I’m ready for a new week. The gray weather makes me sleepy, but once my coffee kicks in I’m ready to go:)
Have an awesome week! 

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