sick week & a roller coaster of feelings

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June 24, 2019

Jim started last week with pink eyes and ended up working from home until Friday. Since it’s super contagious I made the bed with new sheets for him and then slept on the couch for three nights and then washed towels, sheets and all the surfaces. Along with his pink eyes he had the sniffles so I tried to stay out of the apartment as much as possible so I wouldn’t end up sick too.
Tuesday: Blood test in the morning and then I hung out with Daniela all day and spent some time with two of her friends and their babies.

Wednesday: I was busy cleaning, doing stuff on my computer and dealing with the confusing news from my doctor. Went grocery shopping for the Friday celebration and then just took it easy.
Thursday: Took the train into Manhattan to see my friend Jeanette who was here for a week. We spent a few hours together. I went shopping by myself and then went for a long sweaty walk to Grand Central and took the train back home.
Friday: Woke up feeling like crap. Jim felt ok enough to go to work. I had barely slept all night and I almost felt hungover when I walked over to the hospital next to our apartment for my tests. My new doctor wanted me to try a new place for tests. I gave blood and had to pee in a cup. And then I spent all day on the couch. Not a very fun Midsommar, so we decided to celebrate the next day instead. We ended up having a really nice evening anyway though with grilled pork and rice on the rooftop.

I thought I would wake up feeling like normal today, but I’m much worse. Woke up at 3:30 am coughing, my throat and ears hurt and I feel mushy. Blaaah. Oh well, what’s one more day of rest? At least it’s nice weather:) 

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