a day in NYC and first weekend in June

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June 3, 2019

Hello! How are you lovelies? I am tip top. Woke up a bit later than I wanted today, but whatever. I have many things I want to do today, very motivated:) Most of it is by the computer which is boring for my little fluffis, but I will take breaks and take him for walks. It is a bit hot for him to go outside in the middle of the day though so I have to keep it short. His fluff is getting long now and our two regular groomers are fully booked so I’m not sure what to do, probably have to find someone new. 

Anyhow… On Friday I had a full day to myself again. Jim took Thor to work at 7:20 am and I enjoyed my breakfast in front of youtube for a bit. I had really planned out my morning well, no stress at all, I felt very calm. Breakfast, cleaning up a bit in the apartment, getting ready and then I went for a walk to the train station. On my way there the maintenance guy called and asked if he could enter our apartment (our bedroom curtain was broke again) and I assured him that Thor would not be there and bother him, hahah. 
I came to Manhattan a bit early so I walked over to Tudor City Parks. I have not been there since I performed with The Equus Projects there 2013. Then I walked to the Swedish Consulate for my 11:30 appointment. I was there for one minute and then I took the subway down to our old neighborhood, Financial District/Battery Park City. Oh my, it looks quite different. I bought coffee and tuna bagel at the market across from our old apartment and I didn’t recognize the place inside, a lot of improvements. With my lunch I walked over to the park where Midsummer celebration is every year. I sat on the grass on a blanket that I had with me for a few hours. Read my book, ate lunch and watched people walking by. I sat in the shade of course since I can’t be in the sun after chemo. It was a pretty hot day and I was wearing long pants, a thinner sweater and eventually a hat along with sunscreen to protect myself.  I was a sweaty betty for sure.
I walked up along the Hudson River and then into Soho and took the subway up to Grand Central and I arrived just in time for the last off-peak train to Stamford (peak trains costs more and are usually packed). My day was perfect. My legs were sore and I felt a bit tired, but I’m glad that I decided to stay in the city instead of going back home after picking up my passport.

My favorite place in the city is gone :'( Right after we moved they started to build a new bridge over the highway. This is outside of the vet and the grocery store next to our apartment.
The whole neighborhood including the dog parks is a shit show right now, I’m glad we moved before

First time that my passport photo didn’t look too terrible 🙂

On Saturday we had plans with D and G but late Friday night they booked a last minute “babymoon” trip to Belize. I needed to rest my legs that was still sore from the shots and from all the walking I did on Manhattan, so I didn’t mind not having plans anymore. We had a relaxed morning and in the afternoon we made burgers on the rooftop and then took Thor for a longer walk to the park close by. At night I was watching something on my tablet while Jim watched Svengoolie on TV – I was not at all interested in the movie they showed, Billy the kid versus Dracula from 1966, even the name sounds terrible.

On Sunday I got up two hours before my boys and did stuff on my computer. We had decided to go see the Avengers at the movie theater in the afternoon since the weather was kinda crappy in the morning, but when it was time to leave it was sunny outside and we decided to skip the 3 hour long movie and go have lunch at a bar instead. And then we had a pretty relaxed afternoon. This weekend we started to watch the new tv-show Chernobyl that everyone is talking about. Not sure if I like it or not. Have you seen it?

Not a too exciting weekend, but that’s ok. I couldn’t enjoy the sun anyway and I felt that I needed to stay calm and relaxed after treatment. Not all weekends need to involve some super extreme stuff, hanging out with hubby and puppy is enough:)

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