Woke up in a snowy Stamford

We are back in Stamford. It felt like a very long trip from the island and home. Maybe because we didn’t actually wanna go home:) Our time in Kauai was absolutely amazing. We were pretty active and now we need a vacation from our vacation, haha. My body is sore and tired, but mostly in a good way. The sore muscles are from doing fun things and seeing wonderful views so it makes it ok. 

It was cold when we came back yesterday but not as bad as I thought it would be. This morning, after 10 hours of sleep (which felt awesome), I woke up by the very loud noises outside and after Jim came back inside after taking Thor out I asked him what was going on outside. Snow blowers. Apparently it had snowed all night. There was no snow at all on the ground when we landed and I think Stamford had a little higher temperatures when we were gone. Now we are back to cold degrees and snow. But it’s ok. It actually looks pretty outside and I have a million warmer pictures to look at on my computer. I will share some of them with you guys of course:)